Washington Dulles Marriott Suites
13101 Worldgate Dr
Herndon, VA 20170

Found 5 reports:

We stayed at this hotel on 5/11/2012 and 7/9/2012. We discovered bedbugs in our home the end of July. We can only conclude that it was the result of one of these stays.

Stayed at this hotel on June 2 and 3rd, 2012..Started itching on the 3rd and found six bites that look like blisters on my left underarm ..very itchy

I stayed there from 11/1 - 11/4. Started itching around the 2nd night and thought is was just a rash. Got some really bad welts on my back and my side and couldn't figure out what the heck was going on. Won't be staying there again if I can help it. If I must stay, will defnitely check the bed first to make sure there are no bed bugs.

I stayed there the week of 9/7 and had gotten bitten. I have stayed their before and had gotten bitten, but thought it was just a rash.

will not stay there anymore.

I stayed in room 616 and came out with a bites around my ankle. The 4th floor residence said they also were bitten by bed bugs and was bleeding from the bite.