Summerfield Suites-Herndon
467 Herndon Pky
Herndon, VA 20170-5202

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On May 16 I stayed at the now named HYATT HOUSE HERNDON, located in 467 Herndon Pky
The place looks pretty clean overall, however at about 12:00 AM I started feeling itchy.
Thought it was mosquitos, and disregard it.

Around 5:00 AM I continued feeling very itchy and scratching all over... even underneath the covers. Thats when I thought those were not mosquitos... I turned the light on and after a few minutes snooping around the bed and the pillows, I noticed blood stains and a BIG bedbug c

rawling in between some sheet wrinkles... I freaked out and call the hotel lobby... they couldn't accomodate me in another room because they were "fully booked"... So i had to stay there for the resting hours of the night before I left for my meetings for the day.

I tried to catch some sleep in the room couch, no luck because all of the itching and freaking out. After a while I decided to take a very hot shower and scrub thorougly to make sure non of the bedbugs were still clinging on me.... after the shower I inspected the bed just to find 2 more bedbugs under the covers... smaller than the first one.

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