Hilton Washington Dulles Airport
13869 Park Center Rd
Herndon, VA 20171-3218
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We stayed at the Dulles airport Hilton October 4 & 5, 2013. I woke up with 3 bites hoping they were from Mosquitos. Later that day I woke up after a nap wit a few more bites. That night I checked under a sheet and found a bedbug. I reported this and was moved to another room down the hall. Unfortunately I woke up the next morning in the new room with still more bites. The hotel did not charge us for one of the 2nights but I'm still stressed as to whether we brought them home with us. All our cl

othes are now in the dryer.

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United put us up for the night at the Dulles Hilton after we missed our connection to London. It was midnight when we got to the room. I slept soundly for 5 hours but awoke to my scratching my ankle . I had 5 bites on my legs. I stripped the sheets and have contacted management about this event but have not heard back from them.

My 17-year-old daughter stayed in this hotel from July 12-17, 2011 for a youth conference. She was in a room with 2 other girls. All of them had several bites on them by the time they left. At first they attributed it to maybe being outside in DC as there were only a couple. As the week wore on they started getting concerned though. My daughter woke up on 7/14 freaked out because she felt something crawl over her arm. When she and her roommates checked her bed (while still half-asleep) they

didn't see anything. By Saturday they were in much worse shape with the bites and one of the roommates decided to sleep elsewhere that night and my daughter and the other roommate stayed up talking so they couldn't be bitten any more. They were afraid to tell someone because they didn't want to get in any trouble.
When I picked my daughter up she told me what happened. We found that there were other kids in other rooms that had bites as well and reported them. They were found to be bedbugs and they were moved to other rooms. When we got home I took her entire suitcase, the clothes on her back, her shoes, and everything else and threw it all out. I can't have something like that possibly get in my house. I contacted the hotel several times regarding my daughter's traumatic experience and was told that the manager wasn't available. I explained the situation and was told to leave him a message - which I did. He never called back later that day. So I called and was forwarded to the main Hilton number and they said they were going to leave it to the hotel itself to handle and they wished us the best. I called the hotel itself back again and left another message. Three days later I was called back and told that they had no other reports of any issues and that they do not have bedbugs (funny they admitted it to other kids parents when it was reported) nor did they have an ant problem (funny since I didn't mention that in particular) or any other bug issue and that my daughter and her roommates were probably just making it up.
I am complately NOT satisfied with the way this was handled! I am EXTREMELY disappointed in this particular hotel and the Hilton hotel brand now since nothing was done on ANY level! I can not believe that any business can work like this and get away with it! I just don't even know what else to say except that I would NEVER stay in a Hilton hotel again and I would recommend to all of my friends that no one should ever use a Hilton hotel! From the top on down to that particular hotel the service considering this situation was awful!

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I was a Hilton guest in mid Sep. One morning, my neck was itching and I saw 3 circular marks; had no clue what caused them, maybe spider bites. Now, after looking at pictures of skin with bed bug bites, I am convinced that they were indeed these nasty bites. Great hotel, too bad I am not staying there until the epidemic is over.

My flight was cancelled so United so nicely put me up at the Hilton Washington Dulles. I finally arrived home the next day WITH bed bugs in my carry on luggage. Not sure yet how many are in my home now. What a disaster. My stay at this hotel was at the end of September 2010. I read another post made by someone in September 2010 also. For everyone elses' sake, I hope this hotel deals with this expediously!

We organized a business conference at this event. I was put one of their premiere rooms, recently renovated. The room was very nice, until I found what I had thought were 'flat ticks' crawling around the room. Over the course of the 3-day event, several participants reported awful bites and I wondered if it was the 'ticks' but couldn't imagine. It was quite embarrassing. This was last year (2009) and I never had heard of bed bugs in the U.S. in a serious context before. I look at pictures

of them online and there is no question that is what they were. It was quite bad.

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