Econo Lodge Harrisonburg
1703 E Market St
Harrisonburg, VA

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The owner knows that there are cock roaches and bed bugs and is unwilling to pay an exterminator to resolve the issue. I know this for a fact as I know the owner paul (pankaj) patel. He goes to lowes and buys bug spray. He just committed insurance fraud in september, 2013. I have reported it to the state police as this is who deals with insurance fraud in the state of virginia. His best friend owns hotels in the area as well as far out as staunton; same issues bed bugs and roaches and has been s

ued approx. 60 times. They take hard earned american money and back to india it goes. Choice hotels will not do anything about it b/c the property is independently owned

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I'm afraid I read the reports here AFTER checking into the hotel. Indeed I found a bedbug on the morning August 26, 2013. Room 127. Because of the reports I took a lot of precautions and left all my stuff, except the clothes I was wearing, in the car. Hung my shoes over the bathtub. I'll launder everything in hot water and dry at high heat and hopefully everything will be fine. Staff would not give me a refund. I was informed that the mattresses have all been recently changed, but of course that

doesn't get rid of bedbugs.

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10/24/2012--for 1 night
Oh how I wish we had been more diligent and checked this site before stopping overnight at the Harrisonburg, VA Econo Lodge.

My husband has bed bug bites all over his body which have caused him a great deal of discomfort. The bites did not appear till after we arrived home and so, most likely, we have brought them into our home with our suitcases. We took a room with 2 double beds and I slept in the other bed and , so far, have escaped this terrible mess.

Stayed on the night of 8/30/12. I was assigned to stay in room 126. The supposed non-smoking room had quite a stench to it. I stripped the sheets and flipped the top mattresses on the beds before bringing anything into the room. Immediately a bedbug was visible on the box spring of one of the beds. Also noticeable were a couple small blood spots on that same boxspring. I went to the front desk to report the bugs and to get a different room. No apology was made by the clerk at all. We wer

e re-assigned to room 145 in an adjacent building. I conducted the same checks in that room, not seeing any obvious signs of bedbugs. The room smelled better than the first one but was a tad on the scummy side. You do get what you pay for!

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I stayed at this hotel in August of 2011. I never saw any bugs but woke up with a line of red swollen bites on the inside of my left thigh. It took more then two weeks for the bites to heal. They were very itchy. I've been bitten by fleas - this was worse. In fact I have three scars from these bites and it's been almost a year since it happened.

Hi there, this took place in room 137 at the Econolodge in Harrisonburg, VA on September 7, 2011.

I was reading in my bed when I noticed a tiny light orangish bug on the pillow next to mine, I killed it and was concerned but kept reading. About 7-10 minutes later I looked over and saw five such bugs on the pillow, two of them were bigger and more brown in color, they were flat and segmented. I called my mom in the next room just make sure I wasn't going crazy and she saw them as well. As I p

ulled down the covers I also found a flea in the bed. I went to front desk and the woman was very sorry and gave me a new room for the night. I looked up images of bed bugs on my phone and they very strongly resembled the critters I saw on the pillow. This, combined with the fact that the bugs came out as I lay on the bed, attracted to body heat, make me fairly certain that these were bedbugs.

The next day I spoke with the owner and I am sorry to say that he was both unhelpful and disrespectful. He claims that he called in someone to check the room during the time I was having breakfast, this was an hour at the most, and that they determined there are no bedbugs in that room. When I asked what the bugs were, if not bedbugs, he said he was not an entomologist and did not know what they were.

I seriously doubt that the owner had the room checked out and I am concerned that he is not going to do anything about this. Hence my reporting the encounter on your site. Thank you.

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