Washington Dulles Airport Marriott
45020 Aviation Dr
Dulles, VA 20166

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Checked into room 1125 on August 12th. Noticed several small light brown spots on the mattress that appeared to be small brown stains in a 1'x1.5' area on the top of the mattress near one edge. Could not tell if it was blood or feces. Looked on the other side of mattress to ensure it was not part of a pattern. Could not find evidence of bed bug carcasses. Asked the front desk to change rooms.

They immediately complied, gave me their apologies, and sent me to room 3131. This room had bloo

d in the same location on the mattress in a 1'x2' area. The stains seemed 1-3 weeks old, and therefore more obviously from blood. Although the mattress did have some small spots which are more indicative of bed bugs, this mattress had larger stains in the same area. These stains were distributed, it was not from an injury or pooling of blood. Again, no evidence of carcasses.

Both mattresses seemed no more than 1-2 months old. They were firm, clean, and unworn.

Unfortunately, with all my bending over, examining the bed skirts and box springs, my $200 sunglasses fell out, and housekeeping could not find them.

Again, the front desk was helpful in relocating me yet again. They did seem to have awareness of bed bugs and how to combat them, and seemed engaged. They gave me a few comps for the trouble.

Unfortunately, the assistant operations manager did not follow up on the issue. I've e-mailed him several times. He responded all but the last time, and as far as I know, no action has been taken. It is a large hotel, so I don't know if they blocked this rooms for booking until they can investigate.

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