Courtyard Dulles Town Center Hotel
45500 Majestic Dr
Dulles, VA 20166-2478

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I stayed at this hotel for one night 6/10/15. Two weeks after returning home, I woke up with a few bites on my arms. Thinking it was flea bites I figured it was time to treat the pets in preparation for the CA summer months. That was a Friday, by Monday I was covered from head to toe with bites.....and fleas do not usually like me. Upon inspection, the pets were not being bothered by fleas. After a dr visit and inspection by an exterminator, he found I have brought bed bugs home. Two months

later and I'm still spending money trying to get rid of is exhausting and frustrating.....I will never stay in a hotel without checking the room first.....and as a suggestion, put all luggage in the bathtub to ensure they do not get in your suitcases!

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During the night Saturday, February 20, I awoke and needed to use the bathroom. Noticing bite marks on my arm (I thought it might be a spider bite) I immediately when back to the bed I was sleeping in to check it out. I had a book light and shined it on the bed (so as not to wake up my husband who was sleeping in the other double bed) only to find 2-3 small minute bugs hopping around. I quickly grabbed a tissue and caught and killed one or two and awakened my husband to tell him of this. I tol

d him to check his bed to see if he had any bugs in it. My husband did check his bed, but did not notice anything that was visible.

I then called down to the front desk of the above-mentioned hotel and told the agent (a female) on call that there were bugs in my bed and did not know what they were. She told me to come down to the front desk and they would transfer us to another room several rooms away from the one where we were staying. I even brought the dead bugs in the tissue that I had caught and killed them in to the front desk and the agent stated that she did not know what they were. Getting back to our room, my husband stated that he had caught a few more and placed them in an empty pill bottle with water in it (we have since destroyed this bottle). We proceeded to pack up our things which was very little as we were only staying at the hotel for 2 nights. Before I did so, I took a shower and changed by night clothes into a fresh pair of pajamas. My husband did the same. We then moved all our belongings to the other room down the hall, but I was unable to sleep for fear that we would have the same problem in this room. Needless to say, this was a very traumatic experience for us. I have since been afraid to stay in a hotel and for several months after this incident was checking our own beds every night for any signs of the same. Also, the female agent told me to check our luggage implying that perhaps I had brought them into your hotel. We had traveled to Virginia from Penna. and I can say with 100% conviction that there was no possibility that this was the case.

The next morning I approached the front desk and spoke to another agent (a male) and told him what had happened. His remark was this: "It's the time of the year". What does that mean? In the interim I logged on to the computer that was located at the hotel to check out my suspicions as to the type of bug that was in my bed. Lo and behold they were bedbugs! Never in my experience in staying at hotels did I ever have come upon bedbugs.

Your agents did not even offer us a complimentary breakfast (which we paid for) let alone offer to return our points back to my Marriott Rewards account.

I realize that I should have posted this sooner about this situation sooner, but I only learned of this website today. Hopefully, it won't happen to anyone else.

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