Omni Charlottesville Hotel
235 W Main St
Charlottesville, VA

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I stayed at this hotel for a wedding through the weekend of September 5-7 2015. As my friend and I got home, we realized there were small bug bites in a row on her arm and my leg a day or so later. Unfortunately, I had already unpacked my bag. I stripped my bed (doing a through search) and then came to find two eggs and two bed bug with one shedded shell on my mattress, and two bed bugs on the floor under my bed. The hotel has been very difficult, insisting that our room had no trace of bed bug

s (so the bites just "magically" appeared). I now have to pay $600 for extermination after already paying for the wedding and hotel room. DO NOT STAY HERE! Bed bugs are disgusting and the hotel does not take ownership for its issue.

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My husband and I were in town for a wedding the weekend of August 9-10, 2014 with our two small children. We stayed in room 305. I woke around 3:30 am to feed our baby and noticed an adult bed bug in the oppposite bed where my husband was sleeping with our two year old. I killed it (a significant amount of blood was released so it had likely recently bitten one of them -- awful!). I woke my husband and called the front desk. There were no other rooms available. They offered to change the linens

but that was all they could do at that time. (Not pleased.) They did send security up to look at the bug I had killed. (Not sure what the point of that was.) My husband and I never went back to sleep as we were completely freaked out and spent the rest of the night googling all things bed bug and watcing over the kids. I subsequently found three other bed bugs (two were miniscule) in the bed where I was sleeping with our infant (who was in a little bassinet in the bed). Even though a new room became available around noon, we ended up leaving the hotel the next day and missing the wedding all together because we were unsure of what of our things had been infested and wanted to deal with it as soon as possible (rather than bringing our things untreated to infest another room). We, of course, had A TON of stuff with us since we were traveling with the kids. We spent the subsequent week heating treating everything before bringing anything back into the house. It was a nightmare. My skin is still crawling.

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We did an inspection of our room around the bed when we arrived in room 744 on 5/27. Didn't find any sign of bugs. We went out for awhile, and when we came back I discovered a bedbug on the desk. (Having previously battled begbugs at home, I knew what they looked like.)

We trapped it under a drinking glass, and a manager came up to inspect it. She said, "I don't think it's a bedbug; we've never had them here." She said she'd save the specimen and call Eagle pest control to look at it ASAP. Th

ey had no additional rooms that night, so we ended up leaving.

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