Econo Lodge University Arena Charlottesville
400 Emmet St N
Charlottesville, VA 22903-1732

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I stayed at the Econolodge in Fredericksburg last year and ended up covered in bedbug bites. However, I took a chance on this Econolodge, figuring that it should be kept in better condition since a lot of people stay there for events at UVA. I prepaid for 4 nights (so could not get a refund) and stayed during graduation week, May 2013. Checked the mattresses and box springs and did not see any bedbugs. However, bedbug bites began to appear on my neck and arms about midway through my stay. Th

ey must be hiding somewhere else in the rooms.

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It was the end of September and my parents were here visiting me for the weekend. We stayed in a room on the first floor for 2 days and when I got back to school(100% sure my dorm is bed bug free) I had those little red dots on me and they were really itchy. Same thing happened to my parents. I looked up online and asked my RA and friends and got confirmed those were bed bug bites.

I scratched them and they got worse so I immediately washed all clothes I brought to the hotel and my sheets and

stuff. And I showered a lot. Glad the pain didn't last too long.

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On October 2, my son, neice and I spent one night at this hotel. Although I had reservations about actually staying there due to the filthy conditions, I went against my good judgement. What ended up happening as the week went on after my stay, bug bites emerged all over my arms, face, neck and chest. Then my son began to develop the same breakout and then my neice. Doctors appointments confirmed the worst. It was a breakout of bed bug bites! The problem is you don't wake up the next morning fro

m this hotel with bites all over you. It takes some time to have a reaction to the bites. By the end of the week that I had stayed at this hotel it was clear something was terribly wrong! It's upsetting and they are impossoble to get rid of!!

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