Courtyard-University Med Center
1201 W Main St
Charlottesville, VA 22903-2823

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Stay was in room 311 (12/18 - 12/19/13). In the morning, noticed several bites on wrist and forearm that evolved and worsened over the next few days. Out of concern (and because of prior 3rd floor reports on this website), I called the GM before returning home and was assured that a visual inspection of the room did not show evidence of bed bugs; however it would be several days before a pest control agent could definitively inspect the room. While waiting for the results of that inspection, unf

ortunately I had to take the necessary precautions to prevent spreading a potential infestation to my home, including quarantining all items, laundering all clothes, dry cleaning un-washable clothing, and fumigating luggage and other items. This has been an extremely tedious, labor intense, and expensive process that has entirely consumed the better part of 3 days.

Only after having taken these precautions, I received word from the GM that the pest control agent's inspection had also found no evidence of bed bugs. When I inquired about what type of detection methods were used, the GM reported that it was a visual inspection. Although the management of the hotel was professional in their correspondence with me, I am quite disappointed in their response for two reasons: they refused any reimbursement for the cost of the hotel or the expenses (and time lost) I incurred in taking the above precautions; and further, the lack of rigor in their investigation. Even when conducted by trained professionals, visual inspections frequently miss low to mid level infestations. Much more sensitive methods exist exactly for this purpose, and I believe that to prevent ongoing exposure to past and future guests, Marriott has the responsibility to rule out infestations that may be evading visual detection by using the appropriate methods.

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I stay ed at this courtyard on 1/03/2013 room 320 and I w as bit by b ed bugs I told the m manger about the bugs..they change my room and dry clean my clothes and gave free breakfast.....worst experience ever...

Woke up in middle of the night-- felt something crawling underneath me. Checked in the morning and there were two small blood spots on the sheets. Am surprised as this is a clean hotel. Room 344.

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