Comfort Inn Charlottesville
1807 Emmet St N
Charlottesville, VA

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I checked in close to midnight on Tuesday, July 15 2014. The night manager was a lovely polite man, accepting a coupon I'd picked up at a visitor's center. I soon fell asleep in room 218.

About 4:30 in the morning I awoke feeling strange, quickly realized I had growing welts on my thigh and hip. I pulled back the sheet and found one bed bug, fat with my blood, scuttling away FAST. I crushed it.

I called the front desk, explained what had happened, and the night manager came up. He had

carried my bag to my room earlier, but now let me carry it myself to another room, 241. Then I remembered to go down and look for other bed bugs on the mattress. I tore the sheer fabric off of both, noting that there were multiple sets of staples there, and also some stains. I did not find any more bed bugs.

I got two patches of bites: one with 8 and one with 10. They swelled badly, and each patch developed into a red, painful inflamed area about 4" in diameter, and 1/2" high. 2 days later, I went to the doctor who remarked on my "violent" reaction to the bites and diagnosed cellulitis, an infection under the skin (often caused by puncture wounds such as bug bites)and prescribed doxocycline for 10 days. The drug increases sensitivity to the sun--a hassle in the summer. I have spent days now unpacking and washing clothes and now buying spray to treat items before bringing them into my home. Ditto, my car.

The doctor encouraged me to report the incident, to send the hotel my bill, and to pay attention to how I am feeling about a month from now--as the bedbug could have transmitted a disease, depending on who it last bit, and symptoms would take that long to appear. Fun, fun, Fun! NOT!

The day manager refunded my room and was altogether pleasant and apologetic. He said an exterminator comes monthly, that they had been renting that room for weeks and had no's hoping the worst is over.

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My husband and I stayed in room 107 for one night February 10th. Being somewhat paranoid about bugs, we did not put our luggage on the bed or floor and did a quick bed check for bugs. None found. Fast forward to the Monday night (2 days later) at home I noticed a cluster of bumps on the arm. Since then (2 weeks) I am still breaking out in bumps. Some ramdomly on my body, but some in straight lines,just like bedbug bites. My husband has no signs of anything. I called the hotel right away on the M

onday after the first bites were noticed. They said that they had a gentleman that stays in that room during the week for business and he has been for months and he has not reported anything. They would do a check of the room and call me back. Yeah right. Return call reported no bugs! Big surprise. Up until that night this was not an issue with me, so I can only come to the conclusion that it was bed bugs. Beware!

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We were laying in bed and saw a bug crawling on the blanket. Started looking for more and found another one under a pillow within a couple of minutes. Looked on the internet and confirmed that they were bedbugs. Took a picture with our phone and showed the person at the front desk. The cost of our room was refunded and we were moved to a new room right away.

I stayed at this location for a horse show and after one night, i had itchy welts on my wrists and the next day another on my forehead. Wasn't until I read the other people that had stayed here that had same problems that I decided to report them myself.

My family and I choose this hotel and thought it looked pretty clean. My parents even checked the mattress for bedbugs the first day to make sure. On the last day (this morning), I woke up and started getting ready and found a bug crawling on top of the comforter. I thought it might be a bedbug so I killed it and checked online. They gave us all our money back. Sure enough it was. They are aware of the situation!! Don't stay here!!

My wife and I rented a room on Staurday October 9th. We were laying in bed at about 10 pm when my wife noticed a bug crawling on my pillow. We jumped out of bed and within minutes notices about 10 bugs on our pillow and sheets. We immediately packed our stuff and left. The lady working the front desk said that she could not give us our money back because we used a Travelocity gift card to pay. Travelocity is also refusing to refund the money. WE DIDN'T EVEN STAY!!! Beware, these people are awar

e of the problem and continue to rent the rooms and try to cover up the bugs by cleaning and wrapping the mattresses with plastic covers. They were crawling on the wall and on our shoes.

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After searching the bedbug registry, I was confident in choosing this hotel due to it's lack of any reports of bed bugs. Unfortunately, I think that the lack of report was just a lack of reporting in general. The rooms themselves (My family had two connected rooms) were very clean, however, when my mother-in-law woke up she found that she had multiple itchy welts all over her body. No one else experienced a reaction to that degree, but upon preparing to leave, I was searching for a misplaced

jacket and was taking the covers off of the bed. As I was searching, I saw a brown bug, captured it in a plastic bag (the ones that the cups come wrapped in) and tied the bag closed. I of course began freaking out about the possibility of this being a bed bug. To be sure that that was what it was, my friend looked up "bed bugs" on her iphone and found an enlarged picture.
I took the bed bug to the front desk and they offered before I even asked, to refund my and my mother-in-law's money.
As I was talking to the hotel clerk, another person staying in the hotel was talking about how he was itching all night long and just thought that he was having a potential allergic reaction to the detergent used to wash the sheets.

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