Marriott Crystal City
1999 Jefferson Davis Hwy
Arlington, VA

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My wife and I stayed at for the first time at this Marriott from January 23-25, 2014. Shorly after returning home to Utah, we began noticing red blotches and bumps on our arms and legs that itched. We didnt know what it was and was hoping it was some kind of rash and it would just go away. Then our duaghter started to report simjlar sysmtoms on her arms, legs and back after sleeping. This Saturday we found numerous bugs, later to be determined to be bed bugs based upon photo comparisons with

internet photos of bed bugs, in our mattress and a couch. We have not stayed at any other hotels or any other 3rd party accomodations since our visit to this Marriott. While i recognize that causation might be an issue (it will always be an issue w bed bugs) in proving we got our bed bugs from this Marriott, we have never had a problem we bed bugs before our stay at this Marriott. I'm hoping the Marriott will be a good corporate citizen and help me financially deal w this prolbme at my home. As a result of our findings this weekend, my 4500 square foot home has been reduced to 500 square feet of living space. I just got a call from my wife reporting that we might have burned out our dryer we've been running all weekend as we have tried to santize our clothes with heat to kill the bugs. It's amzing the emotional toll it has taken on my family. I wouldn't have beleived it except by living through this experience. Little did i know what my mother was saying to me when she frequently said to me when i was going to bed, "Sleep tight, dont let the bed bugs bite."

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