Salt Lake Plaza Hotel at Temple Square
122 W South Temple
Salt Lake City, UT 84103

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We started our stay Wednesday, September 17th, 2014. We were in room 810. We always check for bed bugs, but only around the corners of the mattress and untuck the sheets, etc. By Thursday night, my wife started showing bites, which we considered to be all sorts of things since we believed we had effectively checked for bedbugs and found none.

The bites kept increasing in number, and were excruciatingly itchy. By Friday evening, we were further convinced we must have bed bugs, so we chec

ked far more thoroughly. My wife found evidence of bed bugs looking under the bed skirt. We brought the issue to the hotel manager. He was very doubtful of it and came to the room with another associate to look. We showed him and when he saw an adult bed bug, he attempted to convince us that it was a beetle, not a bed bug. He saw the blood stains though and admitted there may be a few bed bugs, as they can be hard to see. We went back downstairs and he went back into his office for an hour, trying to figure out what hotel protocol is for this sort of thing. We had a conversation with him after that and he said that we could have brought them with us, and the spreading/growing number of bites on my wife's body could just be her having an allergic reaction and that they don't mean she was bit all of those times.

He proceeded to put us up in a different hotel for that night (Friday). I asked him what should we do about Saturday night, as our reservation was until Sunday. He said "I don't know but I'm guessing you don't want to stay here." He left us on our own and claimed it wasn't his problem to worry about the following night's stay.

While they were arranging for the room at the other hotel, I returned to our room to document what we found. I decided to look even closer than we had previously. I pulled the mattress away from the wall and pulled back the bed skirt from the box spring. The infestation we found was actually when we pulled up the bed skirt, all the way up by the headboard. They had completely infested the box spring. We could see adult bed bugs, juvenile ones, and then more larvae/eggs than I care to mention.

We left all of our luggage, bagged all of our clothing, bags, backpacks, and they are all in our garage right now. My wife still cannot sleep or do much of anything due to the itchiness.

We counted Sunday evening and found there to be 217 bed bug bites on her body. My 11 month old son also has a dozen or so bites.

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