Hilton Garden Inn Downtown
250 W 600 S
Salt Lake City, UT 84101-2703

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My stay was 05/19-05/20/2012 and immediately got a "rash". I am not a frequent traveler so the idea of bed bugs never entered my mind, I thought maybe I was having an allergic reaction to something in the room. Well needless to say the "rash" worsened and I went to my doctor who misdiagnosed my rash as a virus. Nearly 2 months after my stay and with now permanant scarring for this so called rash/virus I confirmed an infestation of bedbugs (I have not stay anywhere except home in over a year p

rior to this stay in May 2012). Hilton and their insurance company Sedgwick are claiming no responsibility but I find it extremely convenient that the floor I stayed on along with the floors above and below have been fully renovated and the furniture removed. I am out over $1500 in doctor bills and replacement of furniture-has anyone else filed a claim with them?

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I stayed for one night on 7/31/12. One week later my chest was covered with bites with some on legs and arms. I researched what I thought was a rash and discovered that these were actually bed bug bites. I found the registry online and was suprised to see someone else also stayed at that hotel the same night and got bit. Weeks later, I am still itching and the welts are only slightly going away. In 30 years of travel, this is my first case of bed bug bites. It is really disgusting! I am now chec

king the registry before booking hotels and will inspect each room, as well.

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Because my family has had a bed bug experience we checked the mattress before we got in the bed. However, we learned after this experience that the entire bed needs to be pulled back and checked between the box spring and mattress as well as the headboard and baseboard behind the bed. My husband and I stayed here on 7/31/12 and on August 3rd I had welts from bed bug bites on my stomach and back. I had one big one on my back that is termed "breakfast, lunch and dinner"! Since we only stayed the o

ne night I did not complain because we were already gone. It has been 3 weeks since we stayed here and the bite marks are just now starting to fade and the itching is too.

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Stayed in this hotel before, mind you it's been very clean, nice still is I always check for bedbugs anytime I've ever stayed at a room, felt safe room again was very nice, clean stayed at this establishment before no problems, but after being in the room for a few hours was watching tv on the bed, then decided I wanted to take a shower for the night go into the bathroom to shower and After I notice on the floor theirs 2 tiny bugs I call my friend freaking out omg explain the bug looks like them

but they were babies, she told me take more of an extensive look in the seems, walls, took paper behind the pics mind you freaking out with a towel on me, my luggage was on the stand from closet, but my purse was on the desk, outfit hung up now feeling stuck like what do I do should I leave everything behind, I call the front desk to at least report it, management lady called when I explained the situation at hand she goes what do you want me to do, there's no other rooms were booked, I go I wouldn't want another room here if there's this issue obviously, but do you want to send someone up to look at this bug I saved the one in one of their glasses, she didn't make no attempt just kept responding with the same short answers what do you want me to do, obviously a little traumatized by the event, very inconvenient out of a room and money, I even told her I booked the room thru hotels.com so didn't plan on getting any money back just to be aware of the situation so nobody else runs into this, and her demeanor didn't sound surprised goes onto tell me they use bedbugs sniffing dogs in the morning when the room is cleaned, and her staff are always too look out for that, understandable but for this hotel never having issues before but having the bedbugs sniffing dogs at hand, come on now, no compassion like I'm sorry this can happen, I know people do travel , anything but treated me like oh well not our problem, not impressed with with lack of empathy, hope you never find yourself on vacation/business where this happens to you, and get the same "oh well" vibe, I decided to write the review so it would get tooken care of RM 317, and wanna say I do enjoy the Hilton chains this was first, feel free to remove after room is treated, I had to go vacumm out my rental car, luggage, went to a laundry mat for my clothes, had my little Joy Magano steamer yes even pulled that out, there is no way I can bring this home with me, never have had em and don't intend too neither, this was a huge inconvenience didn't sleep at all since I was up all night making sure I didn't take on any hitchhikers!

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