Crystal Inn
230 W 500 S
Salt Lake City, UT 84101-2309

Found 2 reports:

I stayed here from May 13 thru May 17/2015. Upgraded to a new room due to copious amounts of cigarette smoke entering the room from the hallway. The upgrade was a lovely room which unfortunately, had bed bugs. I awoke at 2 am scratching so bad that I had scratched a deep gouge out of my foot. I checked the sheets and found bed bug feces on the underside of the bottom sheet in several places. The housekeeping manager was rude and disrespectful about the issue, not wanting to move us to another ro

om since we had already been upgraded once saying we likely wouldn't be happy with that room either. She claimed that she had plenty of training in recognizing and dealing with the issue and that the marks on my body didn't look anything like bed bug bites. She told me that I could launder my clothes in the hotel laundromat, of course out of my own pocket...I had a room booked here for 9 days and was not due to check out until the 21st. I can tell you, this woman was not experienced in dealing with the issue or in dealing with the problem. Even though I took all the necessary precautions of prevention, I still managed to bring it home with this little vacation cost me an extra $5000 since I will now likely have to replace my own furniture.

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09-20-2013 a person staying in this hotel for a convention woke up having been bitten by bedbugs. He woke up to find his bed covered in the bugs in the middle of the night. In the morning he had welts all over his body. This person had to go to the hospital for treatment of his allergic reaction to the bites. He didn't begin to react or notice the bugs for almost a week while straying so it is likely the bugs were moved to the room in bedding between maid cleanings.

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