Wyndham Garden Hotel Las Colinas
110 W John Carpenter Fwy
Irving, TX
One or more reports on this page has been disputed.

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I stayed in the same room at this same hotel about two weeks ago and had a similar experience. The people at the front desk admitted the problem but manager that called me the next day tried suggesting that I didn't know what a bed bug looks like. I used to own a mattress store. I know what a bed bug looks like.

At 2:00 AM today I was reading in bed at this hotel and I saw a bedbug crawling over my legs on top of the covers. I called the front desk and the manager offered to change rooms. I said OK, packed and waited for security to bring me a key. The security officer arrived and confirmed it was a bedbug. Although I understand that bedbugs are more and more common and not the fault of the hotel, I decided to find another hotel immediately. The front desk manager could not have been more helpful. She w

as polite, took responsibility and was very helpful in finding me a new hotel. (So was the security officer.)Once I got to my new hotel I Googled "bedbugs" and the images definately matched what I saw in the bed. Later in the day I spoke with the General Manager. He said they had the room inspected by a professional and that the bug I saw was a "spring bug" and not a bedbug. I Googled Spring Bug and there is no such thing. He also said the "spring bug" must have flown into the room. The bug I saw did not have wings. "Spring bug" is a general term used to describe bugs that tend to come out in the springtime. I really don't appreciate being lied to. Shame on the GM for not taking responsibility. I do not deserve being lied to. And if he cannot admit there are bedbugs, do you think he's treating the hotel for them?

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