Crossland Economy Studios Dallas - Irving
3440 W Walnut Hill Ln
Irving, TX 75038-4100

Found 2 reports:

Checked in at 1130pm. Walked down the street to get food. Went back and got in bed around 1230am and did some reading. I felt something crawling on my arm and found close to 30 bed bugs on and under both pillows, on the sheets, on the walls and behind the mattress. I promptly reported it to the office and they assigned a different room. That one was also infested, so they moved me again. Third time was a charm, but my skin was crawling. I aslo found half a dozen on the outside of my closed lugga

ge and am hoping that they did not invade my clothing.
I am awaiting a full refund and have filed a report with the website I used to book the room.
Needless to say, I only got about 1 hour of sleep before my 8 am flight.

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Woke up with blood on the sheets, so I checked behind the mattress and found six bed bugs that I placed in a water bottle and took them to the office. They switched me rooms. The place is scary. To many people using the hotel as housing.

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