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My daughter lives there and her room now had Bed Bugs also now the manager is blaming them ,wow really ,:? They have sprayed God knows what it the room , small room at that and my daughter has a 16 month old baby that was covered in BITES , They wont move them and are blaming them .wow really ?They need to be suied and may be if I can find someone to help ..I was ready some of these post and it seems the problems is getting worse, This place needs to be reported and I dont know how ,I did contac

t the Heath dept but just get the run around ..

My daughter and her family are afraid that they will be thrown in the street .They also have had bags of their clothes still in bags outside that are full of bugs just breeding from what shes told me now .
and also shes found more bugs in the room .I dont know what to do , if anyone can help please email me

This is not right and its un healthy for a FAMILY TO LIVE LIKE THIS AND ITS NOT RIGHT EITHER .....

I know there have to be something they can do or someone that can help them ...HELP...........

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Hi, I'm from India and I moved in to room 20XX on 3rd of July 2011 and last Friday myself, my wife and 2 year old daughter got alergy/itching. We called the maintainance guy who talked to the manager and moved us to another room in 30XX. We have not been asked to wash our clothes before moving. I was not aware of Bedbugs (they call it as BB in the hotel office just to hide the new tenants about BB's in the front office).

I was browsing about the BB's in the net and got a hell lot of info and

I'm not sure why the hotel mgmt didn't mind to inform us to wash our cloths before moving to another room!!

We are so scarred after knowing the bedbug issue in US, I have a 2 year old kid and it really pains to see her crying due to the itching coz of the bedbugs.

The only way the BB's infected our previous room should be via the Washer/dryer as I have used the hotel Washer/dryer on every week ends.

As suggested in this forum this hotel has to be closed untill they fix the infection.

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Drive by and see almost every day.They are either throwing away bed box springs and mattresses.Throwing away sofa's.This problem is no going away.They continue to rent rooms out knowing they have a problem.When pest control comes out they spray only the infested room.Chasing the bugs to other rooms.I will most likely have them soon. HELP? Please ?

A guest reported bed bugs to management in room #3015. Management moved guest to room #3014.Then again, guest reported bed bugs in #3014.That guest left property.After being given 1 week free rent in room #1104.Once again another resident reported bed bugs in room #1001.Her children received bed bug bites.She was moved to room #1047 and is still living on property.The last report of bed bugs was in room #3055. And management moved them to room # .And they are still living on property. These h

ave all been within 1 month that I have lived here.Rooms #3015,#1001,are still out of service.But,my concern is how many rooms have bed bugs that have not been detected yet.And will they spread to my room.This whole proeprty! Every room needs to be inspected.It is infestated with bed bugs.We have many India people coming and going back and fourth to India with their luggage and can be transporting them everywhere as well.Just concerned!But this whole property needs to be put on lock down till it can be made safe.

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