Sterling Hotel
1055 Regal Row
Dallas, TX

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You didn't leave an email address or anything, but I can help you. RIGHT NOW, go to YouTube and look up a channel by someone named JnSavedByTheBell. He has a video called "Bed Bug Barrier." For about 6 bucks worth of stuff (plastic drop cloth and some tape) you can immediately make a barrier on your bed that will allow you to sleep tonight without getting bites anymore. TONIGHT. No more bites.

DO THIS STEP FIRST, so that you can catch up on sleep and not be sleep deprived.

Then, make

his CO2 traps and place one at each bed leg. You do these two steps exactly like he advises (make sure you pull the bed away from the walls, and that your blanket doesn't touch the floor; don't give the bugs a bridge to your bed), and you will be rid of these little demons in a week or so, but either way, your bites will stop immediately.

If you have issues with how to make the traps, Joel Z Williams also has a video that shows how to make them. Look him up (it's called "The Missouri Method).

If you have any further questions, leave your email address here and I'll get in touch with you, but don't worry, you have enough time today to get the stuff for the barrier and at least get that part take care of. You'll be done with this problem soon. Don't worry that it's an endless problem because it's not anymore.

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I am currently staying, as of now, in a monthly rental and after the first night work to itchy skin and niticed some bloody spots. Thought was simply dry patches then kept happening over several weeks so did check of room and discovered signs of bedbugs. I am not sure how to approach management about the issue. As I am renting, I tried pesticides and have lost a week of sleep. This is is bad place to be in. Please advise. Want to feel better and sleep again.


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