Embassy Stes Love Field
3880 W Northwest Hwy
Dallas, TX 75220-5139

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Stay - 12/22/13 - 2 nights. - We always stay at this hotel and we always do a very thorough room check for bed bugs. We have NEVER FOUND BED BUGS HERE!!! We check all the furniture and drawers too. We always still place our suitcase on the desk and never use drawers at any hotel. I am a big traveler, an avid contributor to this site, and also a nurse. We stay here at least 4 times a year and have for over 8 years and none of us have ever seen or been bitten by a bed bug at this hotel.

Book with confidence, but always check.

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Stayed there June 27 to July 1.The second night my daughter had a cluster of bites on her legs. We initially thought they were mosquitoes. she woke up the next morning with many more and we realized they were bed bugs. They were clustered together in groups of 3's. We knew we had not been outside at night either. We had already been there 3 nights and had to stay there for an event. My husband and I were not bit. We did not find them in the living room so stayed there the last night. We stayed a

t a different hotel our last night in Dallas and she did not have any new bites. We had to throw out all our backpacks and things we could not wash in high heat. I called the manager of the hotel. We played phone tag and he told me the room had been checked out. They said it was "pest free". I find that hard to believe as my husband practices dermatology and has seen this before. We stayed in room 828. I would not stay there again. We will always check our room from now on before unpacking.

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Woke up 3/6/12 with a line of 3 bite clusters in a row in 3 spots on left arm. Told GM, showed arm to him. They claimed they fumigated the room (731). I moved to 813 and on doing bed inspection, killed a small spider (or at least that is what I thought). No bite marks on morning of 3/7. Did bed check before going to bed on 3/7, and on first pillow, a bug ran out. I killed it, called front desk. The maintenance guy came up and said it was a spider. They also put a person in 731 on 3/7. I

called the individual to let him know I got bit 2 nights before. I have pictures of my bites from that morning, and of the dead bug. I left the hotel at 1030 pm and went to a dbl tree

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