Motel 6
1155 Interstate 10 S
Beaumont, TX 77701-4731

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This Motel 6 has been delisted, although when searching for addresses, it still appears as a Motel 6. If you call the number, they call themselves, "Americano Inn", in another search, they are labelled "Best Value Inn."

Our incident occurred as we were headed East, trying to reach some beach areas in Alabama, before returning to Atlanta.

We were travelling, 2 adults, my mom and I, and my two children, ages 5 and 3.

My mom woke me up at 2:30 showing me a bloodied nail...she told m

e about some bites that she suffered and yet, she thought it was mosquitos when she decided to duck under to see if she got away from it. Even under the blankets she was getting bitten. She decided they were bedbugs and when we took out the blankets, we found one crawling and other smaller dots moving.

We called the desk and they offered to swapped rooms but we refused because no room change would solve this issue. In the morning, before breakfast, my mom called and before heading to the front desk, we looked under the sheets and found a live bedbug. She took it to the counter, they issued a refund.

We got some plastic bags, fumigated what cloth like bags and items we brought into the room.

My daughter had nasty after bite reactions all over her body that lasted 2-3 days.

My mom had pimple like growths on the spots she got bitten.

My one location bite close to one of my elbows was swollen and itchy for 3 days.

My son escaped unharmed.

Fortunately, we did not take any one these bugs to my mother's house.

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Stayed here on Sept 1st. Arrived quite late as we were headed to Destin, ultimately. My husband and I slept in different twin beds as we were caring for a pet with a recent surgery so I slept in the other bed with our dog.

The next day my husband noticed many, many small itchy bites all over his back and arms. Only after some research did we suspect bed bugs. Once home we washed all clothes in hot water and put our suitcase outside in the garage. However, my husband did find a live bug on so

me of his clothing that he caught and put in a jar. We compared to bug to pics online and it is definitely a bed bug.

Now, we have both noticed bites on our upper body after sleeping in our own bed and are currenty trying to decide the best course of action to get rid of these pests.

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woke to getting bitten at 3:30am

called the desk who did not sound superised.

was told there was no more rooms even though I did not request another.

then I was told to talk to managment at 8:00am.

It s still only 5:00AM.

date: 7-16-08

Room # 214

Motel 6
1155 S. Intersate 10
Beaumont, Tx.77701

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