Travelodge Highland Inn
6200 Middle Fiskville Rd
Austin, TX 78752-4319

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We checked in Nov.4,2011. We had checked for bedbugs but didn't see any signs of them.

My husband was sitting on the bed watching tv.

I started to get ready for bed when my husband called to me and asked what a bedbug looks like. Then he said when he was adjusting his pillow there was one underneath it. He put it in a cup & we promptly took it to the office & checked out.

I had not found this registry until the day we checked in but now I'm glad we have. We found another hotel that

is NOT on this registry and checked it also when we checked in and there were none.

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June 16-19, 2011 I stayed at the Travelodge and got almost 70 bites on my face, neck, arms, torso and legs. It was absolutely terrible--it made me paranoid for days and I was ok benadryl for a solid week to keep from itching my bites and spreading the venom...I told the manager and they refused to give me another room apparently bc they knew they had a problem and didn't want me to spread bedbugs to another room. The carpet was all deteriorated by the wall with visible holes and insulation showi

ng...disgusting. Save yourself a TERRIBLE decision and stay somewhere else!

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Stayed one night in this hotel Friday, April 1st, room 290. The room looked fairly clean, though certainly not as clean as in higher end hotels.

I ended up with about 58 (yes, fifty eight) bites on my arms, hands, neck, face, and upper back. They are arranged in the typical linear and clustered bite pattern. They took a few hours to show up as welts, and by then, I had already checked out of the hotel.

I'm glad I ended up cutting my trip short, because I would not have stayed there

another night.

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