Northpark Executive Suite Hotel
7685 Northcross Dr
Austin, TX 78757-1727

Found 3 reports:

I woke up with a discomfort on my face, and reported it to the front desk. After I received new pillows and the next morning I again had bites on my arms. I told the manager to replace to mattress and never went back.

This hotel is now called Hotel Allandale at the same address. First let me start by saying that houekeeping did not speak any English so when I told her to tell management that the room had bedbug, she just shook her head and then I asked her does she understand English she shook her head no! I then contacted management and they offer to give me another room and housekeeping came and put the linen in a trash can and management did not show up to look at the room. I refused another room and info

rmed them that I was just going to check out. I am dissappointed at the fact that I have these bites and that is all they did!

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There were several in the couch and I found one in the bed the following morning. Did not know what they were until I had bites and I looked it up on the internet. Date- July 11, 2010.

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