Motel 6 Austin North
9420 N I-35
Austin, TX 78753-3701

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9-29-11 Woke up with bites all over hands, arms, shoulders, neck and face. Did not know they were bed bug bites because they seemed more like mosquito bites. Reported it to front desk who said they didn't have any problems with anything. She submitted an incident report and said I would be contacted by corporate. Roommate did not get any bites; she was in second bed. Was in pain and had intense itching for next 6 days. Finally contacted by corporate who said they could only reimburse me f

or room, OTC meds from drugstore and $20 for inconvenience. Received check yesterday. Statement on back says accepting the check absolves them from any future claims. Corporate person did not notify me of this on phone. Have another call into them and am waiting.

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