Royal Inn
2626 Parkway
Pigeon Forge, TN 37863-3246

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June 9-10, 2013
My daughter and two granddaughters stayed at this place for one night and I ended up with bed bugs and scabies. The fan leaked in the bathroom because it was raining and the two year old fell and hit her head on the floor so we were moved to another room, just got the kids in the bath and found out the TV wasn't working in this room, so we were moved again. I actually looked for bed bugs but didn't see anything, but I know how to find them for sure now. Our bed, at home, ended u

p infested. I didn't think we were ever going to get rid of those things. It took several months. I couldn't sleep because I kept thinking about having bugs in my bed. I had to get zip-up covers for my mattress and box springs and treat every crack and crevice in my bed frame and side tables and carpet and baseboards. I will never make the mistake of staying in a hotel again without checking for bedbugs.

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April 5, 2013 we booked a room at the Royal Inn. Well the first room they gave us had a foul smell. My husband reported it to the receptionist and we got a new room. I took a quick glance under each bed mattress after we first got in the room. I didn't see anything. The kids jumped on the bed a few times and we left to go eat. We came back almost 2 hours later. My oldest daughter just so happened decided to turn the cover down and there was the bed bug. Just one is all we saw. We reported it to

the receptionist and she tried to say that it looked like a flea or a tick. I know better than that. I live in the country and I know what a flea or tick looks like. I told the lady I had never seen one in person but i had seen pics online and I was pretty sure it was a bed bug. I told her I could pull a pic up online for her to see what they look like. She didn't say a word. She scooped bug up in a cup and fixed the bed back. I'm sure she rented that room out the moment we left. That was a first and a last for us at that hotel. We luckily got our money back and left quickly. Never to return!!

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