Riverside Motor Lodge
3575 Parkway
Pigeon Forge, TN 37863

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No bedbugs anymore! The previous owners (now owners of riverside towers) would not buy cleaning supplies or even hire people to clean the rooms! May 2013 they switched hands and have new clean beds and awesome clean rooms. GOOD JOB RIVERSIDE MOTOR LODGE

I stayed here on December 13th, 2012. We checked the hotel room upon check in for bugs and found none. We unpacked, went to Dollywood, came back and began resting. Around 12AM, I noticed a bug crawling on the sheet of my bed and came to the conclusion it was a bed bug. I called management and when they got there, we found two more bugs in the room. We asked for a refund and left the hotel at 1AM. Huge inconvenience. Such a shame, we loved staying here and have done so for many years.

Just as my wife said, we had just checked in, walked into our room,204, when I said lets check the beds. Found droppings and a live bug on mattress. When we go back to lobby to tactfully tell the blond heavy set desk person, he gets loud and tells us they dont have bedbugs, show me! When I proceed to show him, he tells me I've tore the room up and now he cannot sell it, therefore I get no refund. Also tells me they have roaches, not bedbugs. When I tell him I'm gonna get my money or I'm gonna ca

ll the law, he says to get off the property where upon he starts calling"Managers" saying I've tore the room up. After getting loud and arguing with me about if I wire his house and he doesnt like it, should he have to pay???? After dropping the f bomb, talking to my wife while he is on the phone, he starts screaming, I walk outside and get on the phone with my father,a retired police officer himself and my wife comes out five minutes later with our money. Real peace of work. The next day later, and the rest of our time in pigeon forge and gatlinberg, the shades stayed pulled in that room, meaning they had rented it....... SAD. My wife wouldnt let me go back I'm sad to say. Garbage Inn

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we were to arrive for a week long vacation on sunday july 10 2011 and we decided to go a day early so we needed a place to stay. we rented a room from this motel for one night, after walking into the room my husband took the covers and sheets off only to find bedbugs at the head of the bed. we instantly walked out of the room after a whole five minutes and walked back to the office. the clerk was instantly rude and nasty. he proceeded to yell and tell us that we would not get our money back bec

ause we took the sheets off the bed and he kept saying we tore the room apart, even after he walked up to the room and looked at the bug. he also threatened to call the police and demanded we leave, my husband walked out and i stayed and he finally talked to a manager and gave our money back. this is the worst i have ever been treated ANYWHERE.

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