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I stayed in a cabin through this company (American Spirit #399), the weekend of October 14-16, 2010, with 7 other adults and a 8 month old. It was beautiful, serene, and perfect EXCEPT, after we had been there an hour I turned back the sheets in the "Bear Creek Lodge" room and a (what I had no idea at the time was a bedbug) went scurrying quickly across the sheets. I trapped it with a washcloth and my husband observed the bug and flushed it down the toilet. We discussed it among ourselves and

the other guests and someone joked that, "It was a bedbug". Having no information on such things, or what they looked like we paused for a moment and forgot about it. We did not contact the rental company or management. We simply were uneducated on such things.

We slept peacefully and out of paranoia checked the top part of the sheets and completely turned down, the bed, but did not check the mattress. Luckily we saw no more bugs but the one and did not obtain any bites.

Upon some recent research and education on bed bugs my husband and I were shocked to discover it in fact had been a bed bug. We have spent the last few hours reassuring ourselves that none had traveled home with us or surely we would have had bites and seen them around the house by now. I was so upset and scared when we found out what "could" have happened, especially with our premature 8 month old having stayed with us (which was also his first and only getaway up to this point). This has scared us as a family and we have never had to be "afraid" of where to stay etc. The last trip we had taken was over 2 years prior (and the luggage has been kept in our main closets at home), and we have never traveled overseas etc. So, I know we couldn't have carried it in.

I was deeply saddened to have to file this report. It was a beautiful cabin and trip, but we just can't get the awful memory of that bug scurrying across the sheets. I'm not saying people should avoid these cabins, but take note, check all surroundings, educate yourself when you travel so if you do notice a problem it can be reported and resolved.

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Sadly, both of these reports were filed by a disgruntled former cabin-owner who was terminated from our program. We had no problems with his cabin until HE came in and stayed in the cabin for over a month. He travels extensively and could have brought these in from anywhere. Notice that the cabin name is NEVER mentioned in these two reports. If you notice the dates, these two reports are one week apart. This is the timeframe when he was in town and trying to get an attorney or a policeman to

come after us. The attorney would not sue us and the detective found nothing we of which we were guilty. We did nothing wrong. We begged the cabin owner to allow us to get professional exterminators to correct his problem. He refused to spend the money. When he would not correctly treat his bedbugs, we let him go from our program. Sorry that this has been made public, but anyone who knows us KNOWS we pride ourselves in taking care of our cabins, our guests and our homeowners. We are sorry he is so petty and vindictive. Please feel free to contact us toll-free at 1/866/429-0955 if anyone has any questions about his cabin. Thank you for your consideration.

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On my arrival, I was livid , it was infested with bed bugs I contacted Hearthside and met with them and they disclosed to me that there other cabins were infested too. They refused to take there linens with them and I lost rental income they did not help me or compensate me for any of this I was left to deal with this on my own. I was not given another place to stay . How they didn't see the plain as day infestation on the bed skirt is just sloppy house keeping

They have had several of there cabins infested with Bed bugs , I was bitten terribly a blind person could see the little black spots on the side of the mattress,they have very poor house keeping at my cabin, I reported it and nothing was done they took no responsibility.

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