Green Valley Motel
4109 Parkway
Pigeon Forge, TN 37863-4009

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My family stayed at the Greeen Valley Motel on 11-24-11. I stayed up about an hour after my husband and children went to bed. My son woke up and told me he was itching all over, I put some cream on his back and told him to lay back down. I then went to get into bed with my husband and noticed a large bug crawling on his face, I then turned on the lights and noticed he was covered in little red bugs so bad it looked like the white sheets were red. I then woke my daughter who was in the other bed

and saw them all over that bed too. After getting my family out of the room, I went to the room my dad and his family were in to wake them. There were bugs on both of their beds also.

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