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We always stay in their Mountaintop Memories cabin for our wedding anniversary and never had problems until this year (5/2/11 - 5/8/11). We found a few bed bugs in the bed we were sleeping in as well as the loft bed that we didn't sleep in. I broke out horribly. They covered almost my entire body but were the worst on my arms. It looked almost like a severe case of chicken pox. Using lots of topical treatments (cortisone, Ivy Dry, etc.), it still took until the middle of June for them to go

away. I still have some scarring though (lots of dark scars on my legs).

We notified the front desk, and they acted on it right away. They shut the cabin down to have the bed bugs cleaned out. They told us we're the first the notify them of any bed bugs in their cabins. We were reimbursed half of our money for the trouble.

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