Conner Hill Motor Lodge
3921 Parkway
Pigeon Forge, TN 37863-3817

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I have stayed at this hotel for years and never had any problems until my last visit, December 2013. I woke up with bites all over my arms and face. I noticed blood spots on the pillow along with live bed bugs crawling on it. I took this to the front desk clerk who promptly contacted the manager. This young man told me he had never had any problems with bugs but just took over the hotel in August. He offered to move me to another room but never offered me my money back. I moved to another room a

nd immediately pulled back the covers to inspect the bed. I was startled to see more bugs in this bed the the first one! I loaded my luggage in the car and pulled up to the office to return the key. The same young man I spoke with earlier was working at the front desk. I told him what had happened and would like my money back. He refused to refund my money. I will not be staying here again.

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During the last week of July 2012 a friend and I stayed in room 233. After the second night I awoke with obvious bites on my arms and face. When I showed the bites to the desk clerk she told me I was kidding. My face was riddled with bites as were my arms. No effort was made at an apology or a refund.
However the clerk was strangely proficient when discussing the aftermath of bedbugs.

I recently stayed there for the Grand Rod Run Sept.9th-11th 2011 and my room had bedbugs.After i found it I noticed that it looked like the beds had been covered with mattress slips in an effort to hide the fact they where in the room.

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