Best Value Inn
202 Emert St
Pigeon Forge, TN 37863-3804

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I have been trying to report this for months to no avail on the travel website and the hotel website. I arrived on the 27 of march 2013. The hotel was then called guesthouse inn, so it must have changed owners. Anyways, we dropped our bags on the dressers and left to get dinner, then when we came back, I (for the first time because of the smell) looked under the sheets and the infestation was so horrible i could not believe it. There were MANY live adult bugs running around on top of the fitt

ed sheets, tons of larval and defecation stains throughout, including behind the bed on the wall. I called the front desk to ask if they had a policy and she said she could move me if I could verify that they were indeed bedbugs....I told her to come and look and we watched the many adult bugs run toward my hand hungrily when I placed it about 10 inches from them on the sheet. She offered to move me to a different room, but I was too grossed out by the massive infestation that I moved to a different hotel. When I went to the website to post my experience, they said since I never actually stayed at the hotel, I wasn't eligible to make a review....Then, when I tried to post a review on the hotel's website, it was immediately removed. so glad you exist. I will use you religiously from now on.
BTW...I quarantined the luggage in double plastic garbage bags outside for a month before bringing in items to wash. I did not bring any bugs home thank god! I will also check every hotel before unpacking!!!!

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