Days Inn-Graceland
3839 Elvis Presley Blvd
Memphis, TN 38116-5143

Found 2 reports:

When I woke up after spending one night, I reached for the TV remote left by pillow, but accidentally dropped it between the bed and the wall and had to pull the mattress away from the wall to go after the remote. A dozen little brown bedbugs scurried out of the black-spotted stained bedding crammed between the wall and mattress. I freaked. But then I grabbed a zipperlock baggie and went back to catch one to show the front desk. We packed to leave. When I told the desk that we were leaving becau

se of bedbugs she was not any more responsive than 'no one ever said anything before' and 'we won't charge you for the second night since you won't be staying'. I gave her the bag with the bedbug to prove my point.

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Slept there one night (the night of August 9th) on an unexpected layover in Memphis because of mechanical problems. Two days later was covered in red welts, probably 60 of them. Haven't gotten any since then - sleeping in my home bed since.

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