Airport Inn
1441 E Brooks Rd
Memphis, TN 38116-1802

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Have been staying here for a few months. (Nov- present) After I was moved from a nicer floor if u want to call it that. After about two weeks I noticed bites on my nephew and a few on me. I dint think too much of it except it was winter. So I pulled back the sheets and there was a colony of bed bugs just crawling around. I went to inform the "owner" to which I was cursed out and told to leave. I have never been treated like this from any "business" owner and will be calling the health dept as w

ell as the news!!!!

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Checked in at 12:35 am on 6/18/12 i was disappointed at the way the room looked, old dirty carpet, tv was a green screen, only 5 channels. i pulled the bedding back went to sleep. next morning woke up with bites, didn't think much of it. went to work. i went back at 1am the next day took shower watched tv, started to doze off and felt something crawling in me. had more bites on back. i found a bug on pillow. put it in a cup and looked in internet. i then went to front desk and the lady said well

we have had reports of them. she can put me in another room. i decided to sleep in my car.

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