Days Inn-Knoxville East
5423 Asheville Hwy
Knoxville, TN 37914-3858

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The last inspection by knoxville health dept. the hotel scored 90/100 on the last inspected on 3/8/2013, We have never had a room shut down the the health dept. It is not the pratace on the hotel to give guest products to spray a room! When a room is suspected of haveing bed bugs, the room is put off market until a certified inspector comes.

I checked in 4-1-13. The first day i woke up i noticed a couple of bites. later that day at work i started itching then noticed some bumps on my face, ears and my neck. i spoke to some co workers and they said BEG BUGS! i went to a pharmacist and was told the same thing. I told the lady at the front desk but she didn't know what i was talking about. after arguing for a few minutes she agreed to let the housekeeper to bring a can of spay that hasn't ever been used. i sprayed the mattress,covers,

sheets, pillows, and pillow cases then woke up with more bites. I was put in another room and still was getting bites. when i did leave i only received a partial refund after more arguing with employees. the whole time this was going on i was trying to speak with the manager but never heard from him. DO NOT STAY HERE! rooms319 and 202

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the reports on tyhis site are bull shit, i stay there all the time and have never had a problem!!! i asume that some people who just don't get there way will stoop to any level just to cause someone harm!!!!!

A guy working with me got eat up by something on his first night here so after a fus with the motel they moved him to another room were on the second night he got more bites now it is the third day he is going to move out and the motel dont want to give him back his money mabey he should call the health dep. All l can say is beware if you stay at days inn east Knoxville TN.

4-1-13. Woke up with several red big bumps every on me i was in room 212 i called but they fail to except the fact that whole side has them BEWARE BED BUGS LOTS OF THEM ONE WHOLE SIDE INFESTED #212

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