Days Inn Gatlinburg
304 Hemlock St
Gatlinburg, TN 37738-3023

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My husband and I stayed in Days Inn in May of 2012 and I awoke to find that I was covered in what appeared to be inflamed insect bites. Because of the profuse itching and pain I went to Urgent Care and the doctor immediately diagnosed the bites as bed bug bites! The doctor called Days Inn and spoke with the owner and during the conversation the owner admitted that the room had been treated for a bed bug problem approximately one month prior. During the conversation with the doctor the owner d

id agree to refund our money for the night's lodging as well as the doctor fee. The doctor made us aware of the possibility of taking the bed bugs home and the extreme difficulty of getting rid of them once this had occurred. He suggested that we call a service within the area that utilizes dogs to determine if any of our belongings (luggage, vehicle, etc.) contained bed bugs. After receiving treatment from the doctor we contacted the dog inspection service and made an appointment to have them come out and check our belongings. The dog inspection service determined that we had in fact brought the bugs out in our luggage and offered suggestions on how to rid ourselves of the bed bugs so we would not infest our home and to also prevent further bites. They also told us that any costs incurred in ridding ourselves and belongings of the bed bugs should be reimbursed by Days Inn. (especially since the owner admitted that he KNEW they had a problem) We purchased the items needed and took the receipts to back to Days Inn. The owner was extremely arrogant, unapologetic, and showed no remorse or compassion whatsoever. He stated that he needed to turn the receipts in to his insurance company, but that HE (not the insurance company) would have to pay them because the costs would not meet his deductible. We requested that he pay us while we were in Gatlinburg because we feared that he would not repay us once we left Gatlinburg, and because he had caused financial stress on our vacation due to the doctor bills and items purchased to get rid of the bed bugs. He refused to do so. He said to give him one week to reimburse us for our costs. However, due to his demeanor in speaking with us, we fear he will not do so. We wanted to list this review because our hope is that no one else will have their vacation ruined by having to experience the itching, pain, stress, and loosing the limited time they have to spend in beautiful Gatlinburg, Tennessee.

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