Sheraton North Charleston
4770 Goer Dr
North Charleston, SC

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I stayed at this hotel August 23, 2013. As I rolled over to turn off my lamp I saw a bug coming towards me across the top of a pillow. I caught it, put it in a ziploc bag, and compared photos on the Internet to confirm that it was, as I thought, a bed bug. When I checked the box springs, I saw others, even the little tiny baby bed bugs. I'm a flight attendant, this hotel has a history of bed bugs. A few years ago they had an entire floor blocked off. Check your beds, nightstands, etc, for

evidence! They are hard to get rid of. It is no longer the sheraton. But it inherited the sheraton infestation.

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Re:"Anonymous" on 09/21/2010

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience you encountered during your visit. We take every allegation of bed bug infestation very seriously and immediately contact our pest control vendor to inspect the guestroom.
All reported allegations for the month of August were inspected and no evidence of bed bugs was noted by our pest control vendor.

August 25th, Several bed bug bites and we brought a bug with us in our clothing, which had been stored on hangers in the closet.

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