Wayfarer Motel
311 N Ocean Blvd
Myrtle Beach, SC 29577-4045

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I went to the Wayfarer Motel this weekend, and paid for the room before I checked it out... big mistake! I have stayed in dives at the beach before to save money, but have never had such a bad experience. The floor in the bathroom had hair and dirt on it, so there is no way the housekeeping staff is doing their job. There is also mold in the cracks of the shower door and on the grout work. My biggest complaint however (because I could deal with the other issues for one night) were bed bugs. When

I got into the room I pulled back the sheets to check for them. The foot of the bed was clear, but when I pulled the sheets off the side I found a few. I got my stuff out of the room and went to tell the night clerk. I was sure he would issue me a refund, because I figured no one could possibly try to make someone pay for a room with bed bugs, but I was wrong! The first thing he did was say there were no bed bugs in the motel. Then he went to check for himself (without me). When he got back he said there were none, and that if there were any in the room they were dead and had fallen on the floor from changing the mattresses two weeks ago. He told me that because there was no blood, there were no bed bugs! He wouldn't give me a refund, and basically told me I could get a new room or leave. Of course I left. I would NOT recommend this hotel, and with practices like this would love to find out if I can report them to the health department.

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