Sea Mist Resort Myrtle Beach
1200 S Ocean Blvd
Myrtle Beach, SC

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I stayed there with a couple friends and we got bit had a line of bites on my neck.we reported it but don't know if anything was done. The elevator didnt work half the time. We were on the Palm building. I agree that this place should be shutdown!!! I wouldn't let my pets sleep let alone my kids. One fd up establishment.

Stayed there Sept 13-18, 2015

Woke up the first morning there with bites!! They inspected our room and sis in laws room. Both rooms were clear according to Orkin. We stayed in the Driftwood. They did not move sis inlaw, but moved me and my husband, can't remember which bldg. It is right behind the Driftwood, facing the ocean. Didn't have any more bites.

We are home now and I am putting everything in the dryer and hope we didn't bring any home.

Stayed in Sandcastle Building 7/8/15-7/13/15. No bugs in the beds but when family joined us we had to use the pull out sofa and the next morning there was blood on my husband's pillow and bed bugs everywhere. Be sure to check couch in addition to beds!! Will not stay here again. We left that day and went to Another hotel to finish our vacation after staff came to room and put all our clothes in a bed bug heater to kill any that may have crawled from the couch.

Seamist resort was the most filthy place I've ever been to for vacation! It absolutely ruined our vacation! It is a dump!! The first night I felt like something was crawling all over me but couldn't find anything! I saw numerous reports of bed bugs for Seamist Oceanfront Resort; however, I didn't see a bed bug.. Well when we got home at 1 AM I decided to shower because I felt gross due to how filthy the resort is and while showering a bed bug fell out of my hair! It is so infested we carried be

d bugs home with us! This resort needs condemned!!

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Just stayed 06/12/15-06/15/15 took 4 of my chidern one of which her eyes were swollen shut from all the bed bug bites. They all 4 had bites from head to toe. Stayed in the Spray bldg 4th floor room right across from the elevator. WILL NEVER STAY HERE AGAIN!!!!!!

Stayed Jan 16, returned home yesterday, the 19th. Found blood smears and a dead bug in the bed. Hotel had us leave our belongings in the room so it could be treated. This process requires strangers unpacking your bags, and in the process my daughter's $70 in cash was stolen. Hotel kept putting us off discussing it, so at check out time, they said they would "call us". Ummmm, no. Waited there in the lobby for TWO HOURS tending to our disabled son waiting for a refund. But we got it. Now PRAYING

we didn't bring any bugs home.

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I stayed on the 15th floor of the Driftwood Building for a week in September 2014 and I did not see any bedbugs. And I really really looked!

Things I read on the internet had me scared to death about bedbugs, so I pretty much forensically examined our room upon arrival. I did not find anything, even with a lint roller, magnifying glass, and pen light. The mattresses had covers on them and all layers of the sheets were very clean. I checked everything thoroughly, especially wooden things,

and there was no trace of a previous infestation or anything. We also did not have any problems when we stayed in the Sandcastle building 8 years ago.

I still think it's better to be safe than sorry, and I don't regret taking every precaution to make sure my family had a safe, bite-free trip. :-)

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We stayed june 28- july 3 2014. My son and I got eat up! Didn't bother to check until after our 6th night. My son was the only one with bites that week so I thought it must be skin irritation from the ocean water or sand. After the 6th night, I woke up itching terribly. My husband thought I was crazy when I got up itching to check for bed buds. As soon as I flipped the sheet back, I saw a huge one and kept looking and found lots and lots in both beds. You could tell that they had been there a wh

ile because of all the different sizes. It's a creepy feeling knowing bugs have been feeding off of you all week. We got a refund for the week minus the cost of the new room in a nicer hotel a couple blocks down. We rented our room at the Sea Mist through a real estate company so we didn't deal with the resort staff concerning this. This hotel is in bad shape anyways. Always read reviews and check the bed bug registry! (Didn't know this site even existed until now!)

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We stayed 7/29 and left the night of august 1st 2013 when a bed bug ran across my neck in bed. Room #31205 efficiency had all stages of bed bugs. There was no manager on site or on call; no way to voice a complaint and get help until the morning. Sending "housekeeping" is not solution to room overrun with bedbugs. Filed a police report to document the event; had to go to doctor for numerous bug bites on adult and children; health department states there is no legislation in place for bed bug reg

ulation or prevention in state of South Carolina.

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We just came back from a four night stay and I have signs of bed bugs all over my back. Initially I thought I had mosquito bites but sure enough my daughter, my husband and I are all itching and have signs and symptoms. I complained about the place going in but decided to make the best out if it. Worse mistake. Don't stay here. It's run down and not worth it.

I was there for a few days in Feb 2011, when I returned home I was covered from head to toe with bites. I work for doctors and ask them about it - they said it was bed bugs. I first called the Sea-Mist several times and no one would take my call so I called public health to report it. I don't know if anyhing ever happened but I will tell everyone that I can about this issue, the place needs to be shut down.

In October 2008, we (my husband, our daughter who slept in her own playpen, and I) stayed a week at one of Sea Mist Hotels. Every morning we got up and when we did there was a little blood on the sheets and a couple of dead small bugs. My husband and I never had experienced bedbugs, but we did know to request new sheets. We had thought if there was something wrong when the maid changed the sheets, then we should had been notified. Well it wasn't until we got home and realized all the red bum

ps up and down our (my husband and I) arms. So after realizing that's what happened to us that we were attacked by bedbugs, my husband called Sea Mist to report it. Their response to his call was let's give you some money back and a coupon to come stay again. Do what? We NEVER used the coupon as we will NEVER stay there again!

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