Sea Crest Oceanfront Resort
803 S Ocean Blvd
Myrtle Beach, SC 29577

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I have stayed at seacrest for three straight years thank god we never had bed bugs and I check before I take anything in the room.or last visit was july 12th 2015- july 17th 2015 it will be or last year there due to or room smelling like pee,pull out wall bed need vaccumed behind it. elevators not working all the time and parking they said you get one parking pass but they was extra parking in back but they didn't say parking meters.1500.00 + for a week and pay for extra parking ..I don't think


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2015 May sea Crest oceanfront resor
My room full of BEDBUG room 627

My family took a trip there on Sept 25-29 and during the first couple of days noticed my daughter had a few bites. Than it continued to happen. I noticed like 30 bites on her I felt horrible. We got home she had gotten a fever. Missed school. Also since I came back from there I had an itch on both sides of my pelvic area and now I hve a big rash there. It wasn't nice St all. I don't recommend anyone to go there. I'm laying in bed so icy now I think I have scabies.

My family and I went to myrtle beach for my daughters birthday 4/25/2014 had a two night stay at the Sea Crest Resort didn't have any issues during the stay other than no shower curtain or toilet paper in the bathroom. Upon returning home on 4/27/2014 continuously was awaken at night due to scratching/itching which became persistently worse as days/weeks went by. Was awakened one night went to rest room and laid back down felt something crawling after returning to bed in darkness and I captured

it in my hand held onto it till I could gt the light on to c what it was. It was a bed bug wasn't aware of that at that time but there was blood on my hand as well. Took pictures to try to Google search it but pic quality wasn't very good with bug being so small. Continued to research on my own. Still suffering from these bites tht would flare up at different times. Showed the bites to my cousin she told me they looked a lot like bed bug bites n to pull my mattress n inspect the creases which I did and found their den. It wasnt very many but enough to explain what had been going on. Before going to MB and staying at sea crest I did not have these issues with bites scratching or bed bugs i immediately got tht mattress out and washed everything n anything close by in hot water I wish i had taken pictures so I could look into being reimbursed for my mattresses but I wanted to get them out ASAP so as not to contaminate or spread these nasty ass blood sucking bugs. I so looked forward to this trip as we had booked our room in early February n research didn't show me any recent issues or complaints from this hotel for this particular problem. I did the bed check after checking in as I do at any away from home stay. As long as i have been going to MB and staying at hotels I have never brought home any unwanted guest until my stay at Sea Crest Resort. I just hope the steps I have taken has released me from what I hope doesn't get worse. Today is 5/17/2014 from what I am told had I of waited longer n prolonged this I would have been throwing out more than my mattresses. Our room number was 426 our stay 4/25/2014-4/27/2014. Be careful folks at any and all hotels there is a bed bug epidemic at Myrtle Beach that spreads daily. Something seriously needs to be done to make these hotels get this problem under control. Trying to do something nice or Go on a vacation can turn into something no one wants or needs. Hope this is helpful

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Stayed here July 2012. I was on the second floor. Began seeing bites the day after we got there. Returned home with over twenty bites.

We stay in this hotel during labor day weekend, at first night, noticed some bite, but didn't realize it is bed bug, then more bite come and we are worried about it. After back home, checked Internet and confirm it was bed bug bite, will never never return to this hotel again. Our room number is 303

We stay in this hotel during labor day weekend, at first night, noticed some bite, but didn't realize it is bed bug, then more bite come and we are worried about it. After back home, checked Internet and confirm it was bed bug bite, will never never return to this hotel again. Our room number is 303

Stayed at the Sea Crest Oceanfront Resort the beginning of May for mothers day. After the first night I noticed bites around my ankles and didnt think anything about it. We only stayed for two nights and on the way home I was noticing more bites on my arms and legs. Got home after a 10 hour drive and examined myself and found atleast 20 bites. Researched the bites and found that the breakfast lunch and dinner pattern from bed bugs. I instantly put anything we had already brought in the house and

washed it. Still havent brought my luggage bags from the trunk. The bites started to go away and after 2 weeks were gone. Now on my 3 week when I was hopeful it was just a bad expeirence, the bites are back. I have no idea at this point but wanted to warn anyone going to stay there. We were in room 301. I am so depressed about the whole thing! Hope this prevented someone from staying there.

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I had stayed at this hotel at the beginning on August for a few days. At the end of August I started getting what appeared to be bug bites. I went to the doctor on September 8th and was told it was scabies. I treated for scabies and they were not getting any better. Went back to the doctor he was stumped as to what it was and sent me to a dermatologist in October. He said it was pityirasis rosea and put me on antibiotics and had me go to the tanning bed. I have been to him 3 times since since Oc

tober and was not getting any better for me to only discover that it is bed bugs. The only place that I can think that I got them from is the Sea Crest because of the time frame between our trip and when the bites started. I just had my home treated today by an exterminator. I am now out of $250 and a bed. As much as I enjoyed my vacation there I will never return to sea crest.

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