Sea Banks Motor Inn
2200 S Ocean Blvd
Myrtle Beach, SC 29577-4743

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If you stay in a MOTEL ROOM on ocean blvd that is NOT ocean front you get what you pay for.. Those rooms are dirt cheap and run down for a reason

still full of bedbugs 06/06/2013. Yuck!

I was asleep and felt a itching sensation on my shoulder which woke me up. I rubbed my shoulder and felt a little lump which i brushed away, I turned on the light to inspect what it was and it was a bug which i first thought to be a roach. Upon further examination i found it not to be a roach, i pulled my sheets back and my mattress was crawling with a few dozen of these pest's. I squashed a few which left red blood splotch's. I then looked up a picture of these bugs and found them to be Bed Bug

s (and i took quite a few pictures of these pests) I reported it to the management,the following morning,which then advised me they would attended to my needs the next day, which i find VERY unreasonable. Now I have to spend alot of money washing all my belongings and not to mention, now i feel unclean.

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