Sand Dunes Resort & Villas
201 74th Ave N
Myrtle Beach, SC

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We stayed here in May 2014 on the 3rd or 4th floor the main building. Anyways I had seen coachroaches in the laundry room while completing laundry the one night. The next day sometime after we had checked out from a 2 night stay I felt itchy and sore on my stomach and arm , there was raised red bites in sets of 3-4 in both areas. I compared it to pictures of bed bug bites and it looked identical. I freaked out checking my entire house hoping none hitched a ride and went out and bought covers fo

r the mattresses. I never seen any bed bugs here or there , however did not check for them in the room. But would never stay there again!!

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My son went with his friend's family for a graduation celebration in June & they stayed in the Penthouse. About 3 weeks later, at home, my son starts getting bitten by something in his bed. A week later we realize it is bedbugs. No one has been anywhere else, even friends house. And, coincidentally, they started & were limited to his room & our living room, where he ended up sleeping because of the bites. I am sure the hotel will say we can't prove antying, but it certainly is suspicious.

Now, over a month has gone by & we are still dealing with these things. We had to throw away all our living room furniture & the mattresses in his room & the room next to him for good measure. We also threw away ALL the furniture in his room. I cannot even begin to tell you the expense this has cause my family. Just $1100 for the extermination fee. Not to mention all the boxes & sealable bags, pod to move everything into after being treated, & replacement of furninture. When it's all said & done it will be close to $10,000. All to go pay to bring bedbugs home with you because you stayed in a "nice" hotel. Being bitten is bad enough. The financial cost is unbelievable.

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On July 4th, my room mate found a bed bug in our 3 BR condo in room 702 at Sand Dunes Resort. We reported the issue and Mr. Vaporizer was sent to steam our room and luggage. We were relocated overnight to room 809. When I woke up the next day I had bed bugs bites all over my upper body. An engineer came to inspect and concluded that there were no bugs in the room and the bites were most likely sustained in the previous room, where we returned with our luggage. I have these ugly rashes and blis

tering sores on my body. The resort offered me compensation for a one night stay. I feel that my flesh and blood, skin irrational, inconvenience and ruining my vacation is worth much more than that.

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