San Marcus Villa Motel
1300 Yaupon Dr
Myrtle Beach, SC 29577-4570

Found 2 reports:

We stay at this place on the 29 of this month in my grandson and nice got bed bug bites from head to toe. The owner said that all of myrlte beach have them. Like it was okay . I feel if they cant do anything about this problem then they need to shut down.we pay alot of money to stay here in it was nasty.

I stay at the property owned by San Marcus one block away and my daughter was bit up by bed bugs! After the owner checked our condo was infested. Even the livingroom furniture! It was all thrown out. He has yet to replace any furniture, as he wanted to put other used beds and furniture in the condo.
A friend of mine also stayed at the San Marcus and had reported bed bugs there also and he asked her to please keep the incident quiet.

No nearby bug reports