Reef Resort
2101 S Ocean Blvd
Myrtle Beach, SC 29577

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In response to the post about the bed bug issue on 6-9-14.. It was not a case of being "uncaring" to refuse the refund.It was a case of not having the authority to refund the money! That was explained. If the coworker chose to take on the responsibility to refund the guest,he would have to answer to that. Our refund policy is a managerial decision only! We have had guests bring numerous bugs in a cup to the desk asking for a refund, in order to receive a free stay.Upon inspection there were no b

ugs. That is why clerks cannot issue refunds before investigation of the room. Unfortunately, there are plenty of websites that instruct guests on how to work the system!

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First night stay on 6-6-14....on 6-8 we checked out because several of my guest were attacked by bedbugs...employee Nikki was very uncaring and did nit want to give us our money back whike another employee was trying to assist us..Then we were told by another employee that he has never known bedbugs to kill anybody. Then we were told how to rid our clothes of bedbugs. To sum it all up they were not at all surprised.

yes, there are bed bugs in this hotel, all the rooms with the number 10 and all the rooms with 01 have bed bugs. why, well the rooms are end rooms and the bedrooms are so small the beds never get moved away from the wall to be vacuumed........hint bugs!!!!!!!! you can barely make the bed in this place.......
also, the elevators are pathetic!!!!!! slow slow slow------------like 15 minutes slow......

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