Paradise Resort
2201 S Ocean Blvd
Myrtle Beach, SC

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We stayed august 5 2014 for one night and my husband and daughter woke up with bites all over there legs and complained about how bad it was itching. We reported it to front desk and they said they would have the room checked and told us it was probably sand fleas. I called the hotel the next day and they told us they found nothing. And it was probably sand fleas. I looked up hotels with bed bugs and they were on the list with 3 reports. I compared sand flea bites to bed bug bites and they were

identical to the bed bug bite photos. I will definitely not stay there again. It was a very scary experience for us because they are so hard to get rid of and we didn't want to carry them to our home.

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Unfortunately, looks can be deceiving. We checked into this ocean front hotel on July 14, 2012 and experienced a problem with our sheets having blood smears and spots. When we complained to management, we were credited a couple days stay. By the end of the week we discovered, as I feel certain management had to have already realized, the blood stains on our sheets was caused by a horrendous case of BED BUGS confirmed by one of the hotel’s night watch staff at 2:00am!!! I would not recommend t

his hotel under any circumstances.

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