Palace Resort
1605 S Ocean Blvd
Myrtle Beach, SC 29577-4629

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My daughter and I stayed there last weekend (Jan. 18 and Jan. 19, 2013) and throughout the last week both of us have developed bites and rashes all over our arms, backs and legs. We stayed in room 2002 and were there for a dance convention so neither of us spent time on the beach or anywhere else besides our room in the Palace and next door at the Landmark in their ballroom. I called the Palace this morning and they said they will have it checked out. There are guests in the room right now...

I feel bad for them! I have never experienced bed bugs and I can only hope we didn't bring any home with us.

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We stayed here november 12 and 13th. The next weekend my wife woke up with bites all over. We took her the doctor and the first question she asked was have we stayed in a hotel recently. This was the only hotel we've stayed at in months, so this has to be where they came from.

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