Ocean Reef Resort
7100 N Ocean Blvd
Myrtle Beach, SC 29572

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We visited over spring break last April. Two weeks after arriving home my child awoke with a line of bites up his arm. That same day his arm swelled up like a balloon and he needed medical attention because he was allergic to the bites. Apparently bed bugs only eat about once a week so it took a bit to know we had a problem. I found one bug after thoroughly inspecting his bed. The exterminator told me we got very lucky - there was no evidence of infestation and probably only brought home one bu

g so the problem was easy to take care of. After one treatment we were given the " all clear" upon re inspection a couple weeks later. So my mistake was I allowed my son to take his pillow into the condo after our 9 hour drive, and we picked up a hitchhiker.

I understand any place with a lot of tourists can end up with bed bugs, so I contacted Ocean reef via email and left a message to let management know so they can treat the condo. I never received a response. Ocean Reef is the only place we stayed and prior to that we had not traveled for a year. Their lack of response is telling, and sadly, my family will not be staying there again.

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Two night stay the week of the 1/17/15. I actually sprayed the sheets with Lysol before retiring but did not pull the covers off (as I should have) to check the mattress before retiring. My symptoms (itchy red rash on both arms, legs and neck area) did not appear until two days afterwards.

I won't be staying here again.

We checked in Dec 25,2014. When I arose on Dec 26th I had some bites on my body. When we pulled the spread down on Dec 26th on the top sheet was blood and dead bed bug. The bottom sheet had bed bugs we checked the cording on the mattress and it was covered. My husband pulled the spread down on the other bed and on the top sheet was bed bugs. We called the office and the night manager came up. She said that is lent. She kept right on in my face it was lent. I said I have never seen lent with legs

and crawling. I am seventy years and for her to talk to me like that. She said we will move you to another room on the same floor. I told her no if they were in this room they would be in others. She then moved us ten floors down.

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