Marriott Myrtle Beach Resort at Grande Dunes
8400 Costa Verda Dr
Myrtle Beach, SC

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I stayed 3 nights at this hotel and I ONLY stay at this hotel when I come down here and so we payed more to have the maids come and get rid of them and check for them they said there we're none so we of course came and we woke up and my son was covered with bites and swells he couldn't even go to the pool without hurting all I want is for no one to to there because you will get eati'n every night because they come home with you and worst of all they destroy your house!!!!!!!

We stayed here the weekend of October 22-24. My husband and I slept in separate beds in room 1120. I slept in the bed near the door. He slept in the bed next to the window and was fine. I woke up both nights with my legs itching like crazy. I thought it might be dry skin and put cream on them. However, when I got home on Sunday, I checked my legs and I had clusters and lines of tiny bites. Nothing like I'd ever seen before. I looked it up online and the description fit bedbug bites. Since coming

home, I've not gotten NO additional bites. We called the Marriott to report it. They called back a few days later to say (of course) that they found no evidence of bedbugs. I've since read that Myrtle Beach hotels have constant bedbug problems. I have no doubt that I was bitten by bedbugs and am desperately hoping I brought none home with me.

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I stayed 1 night at Marriott Myrtle Beach Resort at Grande Dunes. I stayed 7-24-13 in room 223. I woke up the next morning and both myself and my husband was itchy but we thought we had mosquito bites and didn't give it much thought. We continued to itch all day Thursday and Thursday night and on Friday morning when we woke up it was much worse so I went to WebMD. com and looked at photos of bug bite from bed bugs and the pictures looked just like what we had. We went to Urgent Care and con

firmed with the Doc that we do indeed have bed bug bites. This Resort is $350 a night so this is unacceptable! I wish I had known about this site prior to my stay. It was the doctor today at Urgent that shared this site with me. When I looked up my hotel and saw there had been numerous bed bug sightings and even one 2 weeks earlier I it was confirmed. I am calling the hotel tomorrow to speak to the manager and report this issue.

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The saga and Marriott lies continue.....(from previous post)

Having the gut instinct that the manager, Nick, lied to me that the new occupants were "so nice" and let them inspect the room, I decided to call that room directly so another family wouldn't be subjected to this. I spoke to the woman that was staying there presumably with her family and she knew NOTHING about them inspecting the room. I told her the whole story and she inspected the beds and sure enough THERE WERE BED BUGS! So, not

only did the manager LIE TO ME about inspecting the room and finding no bed bugs, he was SO IRRESPONSIBLE in letting another family check in to that room that was infested!!! THEY JUST IGNORED THE PROBLEM AND LIED TO US AND DECEIVED THE NEXT FAMILY! Now there are 2 families exposed to bed bugs and who knows how many more!! Corporate will be hearing from us.

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Just checked out Saturday morning (July 13, 2013). My son showed me some bites a few days ago while we were still there and thought he was bitten by something while playing miniature golf. My husband had a few bites on his wrist - again, thought this was from being outside at night. When my son woke up this morning (the 14th) he showed me his arms again and they were covered with bites. He also had some on his face, neck, hands and lower back. I then googled images for bedbugs and it looked EXAC

TLY like what I saw! I also read that it could takes days for the bites to show up.

We immediately called the Marriott's manager and told him about the bites and offered to send pictures of the bites. The manager did not want pictures and said that there was no one staying in that room and they would inspect the room and call us back. I then asked my sons if they saw any bugs in their room (2 bedroom villa). My 12 year old said he killed a small bug on the rug. My older son (with the bites all over) said that he saw a smear on his sheet near his head that looked like dried blood. Since I had been reading about bed bugs all morning I knew that that was one of the signs.

The manager finally called back around 5:30 and said that they did a thorough inspection and there were no signs of bed bugs. (I had a feeling they would say that regardless of what they found!) he went on to say that the people staying in that room were so nice to let them inspect because its a very thorough inspection. THIS DOESN'T MAKE SENSE! Initially, he told us no one was in that room and then they gave a room that potentially had bed bugs to a customer before they inspected it?!!! (I think he forgot that he originally told us that no one was in that room and made up the story about the thorough inspection.) If there were people staying, who in their right mind would continue to stay when management and pest control need to turn your room upside down looking for bed bugs?!! Sounds very fishy! I then told him that my son had found a dried streak of blood on his sheet but he continued to say the they didn't find any bed bugs in that room. I am certainly reading horror stories on the website about that hotel/timeshare. I am disappointed and feel betrayed by the manager. His story does not make sense. Room 4043. Watch out!!!

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4/23 to 4/26 I was there...the room was so gross and I woke up with bites all over me :( I don't understand, it's so expensive to stay there and everything is so outdated and I couldn't believe that I was attacked by bed bugs!

Checked into this resort and went to our room and found bed bugs everywhere. They were crawling all over the bedding and the walls. They were found in every corner of our room. We went downstairs to the front desk to report and we were given another room so we went to check out this room and it was also infested. We actually had front room attendant to go upstairs to our room so we could show her the bed bugs. All she could say was OMG!!!!
I am appalled at how the resorts management handled th

is situation. They were gonna send us to another resort but at double the cost of our room.
Needless to say we won't be coming back to this resort or recommending it to anyone.

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Dear Educated Citizen:

Have you ever stayed at a place where you have discovered bedbugs in your room? I didn't read any report where anyone made obscene comments, they were merely reporting what they observed and experienced. I don't travel frequently for business, and I don't have bedbugs at my home. I submitted the report 9/11, and I can tell you the same bugs that were "confirmed" by the pest control in the first room were in the four other rooms they tried to put me in. They may provide

some education for their employees, I don't know. The employee who assisted me in moving my luggage to three of the rooms was shocked at what we found and stated he had never seen anything like it and admitted he didn't know what bed bugs looked like, and neither did I at the time. He took pictures on his cell phone of one of the rooms. Even on the last day, and last room, the Engineer Department came and put one of the bugs in a cup and said he didn't know what it was. Management did take it seriously, but the cleaning personnel need to be more educated on what to look for every day they clean the rooms. This resort needs to be thoroughly checked, every room, on a regular basis by pest control and health inspectors (that is my opinion). If you stay here, just make sure you check the beds very carefully before unpacking your clothes. Dear Educated Citizen, please write back when you encounter what I did.

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As a resident of Myrtle Beach and associated very close to the hospitality industry, I can tell you that there are many misconceptions of bed bugs. First, I will tell you that bed bugs do not pick hourly motels over five star resorts. As a matter of fact, bed bugs do not care how nice a facility is as long as there are warm bodies to cozy up to at night. Bed bugs are NOT a sign of filth. As a matter of fact, these insects are distributed from dwelling to dwelling by those who travel. (This

means you!) Secondly, no one on this beach cares more about their customers and the opinions of their customers than this Marriott. This Marriott spares no expense at insuring that your stay is pest free. They routinely hold training for their employees at how to identify these insects so that they may notify the appropriate personnel when their may be concerns. They have a specialist on staff that conducts routine inspections of their villas prior to releasing to the public. They maintain a very close relationship with their pest control provider who responds immediately to any suspected activity any day and hour of the week. I am neither an employee nor spokesperson for the Marriott but someone who is very familiar with the industry. Trust me when I tell you I would stay here with my kids and feel completely safe. Unless your educated on bed bugs you should refrain from making obscene comments about cleanliness and a lack of compassion from the Marriott. Unfortunately, as long as people continue to travel, the bed bug situation across the country is only going to get worse, so educate yourselves on what to look for and quit faulting the hotels.

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Was at this location for a conference 9/19/11 thru 9/22/11. The second night, after observing bites, I began looking and discovered bugs on the sheets and on mattress. Was placed in four different rooms all with same type of bugs. Hotel manager informed me on day of checkout that their pest control had confirmed bed bugs in the first room I was in. I was assured they never had this problem before! I would recommend thoroughly checking underneath your sheets and mattress if staying at this locati

on. They did provide nominal compensation and had most of my clothing dry cleaned.

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This Marriott location is very overpriced, and when guests are willing to pay over $375 per night the rooms should be spotless, thats not the case with this location....I have stayed twice at this Marriott in 2010 and this past March, both times I saw evidence of bed bugs under the bedding, there is no excuse for this!! I including thousands of others should be calling and e mailing Marriott Corporate in Washington DC to complain. Marriotts are suppose to be upscale hotels but based on all the M

arriotts with bedbugs around the country that seems not to be the case!!

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I stayed there from the 23-24th of Apri and there were bed bugs in the room next to us (where a family member was staying). In an effort to locate a lost Ipod that morning we were moving the mattresses and checking under the covers to locate the lost item and we found bugs had shed their skins between the mattresses and infested the top mattress with feces. I did not inform the facility but did find bites on my index finger. Good News? We found the Ipod :)

We were worried about the bed bug scares recently. My mother talked about it all the way to the beach. I really didn't think we would find any, because it is such an upscale hotel. The first room we checked into had them between the pillowtop and mattress. They put us in a different room, and thank goodness there were none in there.

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