Landmark Resort Hotel
1501 S Ocean Blvd
Myrtle Beach, SC

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My family and I came to visit my parents. I did not think to look for bed bugs but I have bites on arms, legs, & back. No plans to stay there again no time soon!!!

On 10-29-2013, we moved to room 440. That night my four year old son and I were sleepIng on the sofa. Not a pull out. I put a sheet on top of the sofa and at approx 12:35 am I got up to get a pillow and i saw a bug crawling from where
my son was laying. I killed it and blood smeared on the white sheet. I moved my son and found a live bed bug. We called the front desk and sherman was helpful. He sent night staff to verify it, gave us another room and told us they would wash our clothing.

Everyone was helpful. Only concern is that they did not mind having us wear clothing from our luggage which could carry the bugs, they did not treat our luggage, and we had to ask for our money back which they did give. My concern is that if we were ignorant, we would take potentially infected luggage and clothing home. One problem is the mattresses had encasements but the sofas did not nor pillows. A custodian told me how they were careful to clean the sofas which I don't doubt however bed bugs are not about filth. They hide and hitchhike. Landmark can do a better job at protecting the public by encasing sofas, disgarding infested sofas, offering refunds, and washing all client clothing and luggage.

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spent 6 days there 9/29-10/6 2013 we had some bites thought they were mosquito bites. until we found a bed bug crawling on the pillow. we were given a new room. They also inspected all our luggage and washed all our clothes and delivered them to the new room.

I happen to know that just cleaning with Clorox wipes WOULD NOT have gotten rid of the bed bugs! Therefore, if your room did have bed bugs & that's all you did, your car, your home, your clothes would still be covered.

I stayed at the Landmark Summer 2012 & had a bed bug scare (mainly because I did too much research on them before I got there). Anyway, I called the front desk and asked to have someone come inspect my room for bed bugs while I was there. The staff was unbelievably nice about i

t. They even took the mattress out of the protective cover and it was probably cleaner than my mattress at home.

NO BUGS WERE FOUND and I would stay here again no questions asked!

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Most of these reports on the internet are false! People have a grudge because something did not go their way...People ask for everything from free food to free stays and this is the retaliation for it.. Post on the internet!
This is why we need more Congressional control over the internet and site operators should be responsible for these posts as well the poster!

Stayed with the same group this lady was just upset cause they wouldnt give her a free upgrade.

March 14-15, 2010; I was head of a trip with students and one of the chaperones (in the boys' room next door) was getting into bed. Immediately, he started getting bitten all over and had red welts all over his torso. The hotel switched their room, but the next morning, I had to deal with cleaning their luggage. The hotel refused to give me anything to clean with and I could hear the staff talking rudely about me over the maintenance workers' walkie talkies. They also refused to acknowledge

the existence of bedbugs in the room and would not give us a discount on the room. Fortunately, I brought my own Clorox wipes and did the best job I could cleaning and bagging the boys' luggage before it went into the car.

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