Kingston Plantation
9800 Queensway Blvd
Myrtle Beach, SC 29572-5266

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We stayed in one of the two bedroom condos here on May 29th through May 31st 2015. Right after returning home I started getting bit. At first I thought mosquito bite but no it was bedbugs!!!!

Stayed in the Brighton two bedroom condos at Kingston plantation. My husband woke up with blood on his pillow and a live bed bug on the sheets. Pest-control confirmed it was a bedbug. We checked under the beds and found three live bed bugs. We had to change rooms and have all of our clothes professionally cleaned. Terrible experience!

June 26-29 2013 Kingston Plantation Villa.
Me and husband came home with bites and have had bites ever since! Have searched for bedbugs several times at our home and found them last night. I guess they've had awhile to multiply. I am truly disgusted!

Start of stay date 06/13/2013.
Requested to be moved to the newer condo buildings due to the below:
The Kingston Plantation hotel/condo/villas complex has several buildings. Stay way from Laurel Court apartaments. They are infested with roaches. The open halls are carpeted therefore exposed to sun, rain water and humidity. The construction is made out of wood. It is the perfect nest for any kind crawling creatures. It smells all over the place.

Stayed in Hilton at Kingston Plantation on 5-5-12 and 5/7/12 found bed bugs on our bodies and clothing.

My family and I vacationed at Kingston Plantation in Myrtle Beach, SC from August 21-25, 2011. We stayed in a two bedroom villa in St. James Place.
On the morning of our third day, I noticed a bed bug crawling across the sofa in the living room of our villa. I immediately called the front desk and they sent out a manager and called Pest Control who confirmed that it was, indeed, a bed bug.
The manager and Pest Control checked our entire set of luggage and assured us that it was clear and

free of additional bed begs. They assigned us to another unit and delivered the luggage later in the day. My wife spent six hours that afternoon washing and drying all of our clothes. We decided to throw away those four pieces of luggage and numerous other items in order to avoid taking bed bugs back to our home. Unfortunately, the next night I found yet another bed bug in a toiletry bag and reported this to the hotel manager in the morning while we packed to leave.
I cannot even begin to explain the frustration and disgust that we experienced and we certainly expected more from a Hilton Resort property. A portion of our vacation was credited back to our account, but the amount of time spent dealing with this issue during and after our vacation was not worth the trip to Kingston Plantation.

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Found blood spots on sheets and one dead bedbug. No live ones but I am taking precautions with my suitcase and clothing.

This was in the Embassy Suites Tower.

We stayed in a million dollar condo overlooking the ocean in the Margate Tower Oct. 1-3, 2010. Everything was going well until we laid our five month-old down to change him on our bed and found blood spots on the white sheets. After inspecting both twin beds, we found blood spots on both mattresses, four live bed bugs, and 2 dead adult bed bugs. We found two dead bed bugs (or dormant?) in the queen bed in another of the four bedrooms. We found 2 bed bugs on our baby's Pack n' Play. One was fille

d with our baby's blood.

The Kingston moved us to another condo, but it took them four and a half hours. They also did not give my parents but one night free and only a discount on the next night. I believe they should have gotten a full refund. The Kingston's manager was kind, but you can tell they did not have time to worry about us. They did not bend over backward to apologize. After staying at the Kingston Plantation since it opened in 1987, this has been my first experience with bed bugs.

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