Holiday Inn at the Pavilion
1200 N Ocean Blvd
Myrtle Beach, SC 29577-3757

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Checked into room 210 on may 16, 2014. Because I saw that this had bed bugs in 2012 I came with flashlight in hand to check out the room before bring my luggage. The room looked clean, I started to inspect the 1st bed, the mattress had a protector on it, open the mattress protector and search, found nothing. I then moved on to the 2nd bed mattress was good, but then I saw a dead bed bug in the crevice of the head board. I went to front desk and inform them, they were speedy to send maintenance w

ho went in, me behind him and sure enough he verified the bed bug. management was very apologetic, they were full to capacity so they offered to put me up at sister property but I declined because their sister property came up positive for bed bugs on this site. So they refunded my money and I went to Island Vista hotel (this hotel was bed bug free upon inspection)

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Oct 11ththru 13th 2012
Had an Ocean front suite (512). beautiful week
end.First morning woke up to find a litte blood on the sheet about mid way down the bed.Should have known then and there but shurgged it off. Second morning the welts were starting to show tore the bed apart and found a bed bug. I have checked motel rooms for years for these bugs.
Do keep all clothes and things off of beds,floors and drawers.
Called Mgt. wanted to switch us to another room and refund that night for

us. We deceided to go home as by now I was really starting to get wlts and itching.
At home nothing came in the house until I could inspect and put in the dryer on HIGH heat for 20 min. My luggage has been sprayed before we left home as I always do this with a bed bug repelent. We have stayed at this Hotel for years and this is the 1st time we have had this probled

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My mother called while staying at this hotel and asked how I would know if she and the people that went had bed bugs. I explained to her signs and symptoms and she sent me a picture of her MULTIPLE bites. I tried to find another explanation for the bites, but there really wasn't any...I knew what they were. I told them how and where to check for the bugs and sure enough there the bugs were! They even captured (evidence) and took pictures of the critters! I was so freaked out when they came home;

more so about my mother. They lost all of their clothes, luggage and miscellaneous items, but most of all...we ( all of the vacation party and the people living in their home) all lost our peace of minds. When my mother came home she couldn't even bring in ANYTHING due to being afraid of contaminating our home. We had to take extreme measures to prevent them from being relocated from her/ them/their stuff to our/their home...that ultimately cost 100+ dollars - not counting the doctor visits. Keep looking...don't stay in this hotel!!!

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My first vacation in 7 years and I was told by my doctor that I need to go and get some rest. The first night everything was great. The second night I woke up with several welts on my arms, legs and back. By the 3rd night I was covered with bits. We notified the manager and were moved to another room. The next day the day shift manager came in and inspected the room (we were told to leave because we couldnt watch) and she matter of factly told us that we were bug free and we had to leave. I felt

humiliated. I had to go to Urgent care for treatment and pay money I didn't have and the doctor put it in writing that I had bed bug bites. When I showed the same manager the evidence on paper she said nothing except she couldn't believe it. She would not look at my bites herself. She offered no remorse at all. I had to burn all of my clothing and luggage. More than $1200.00 worth. When I got home I had to see my family doctor and be treated with antibotics and steriods. I cannot get in the sun or water and I have had to miss work because of this. More stressed than I was before I went. I will not recommend this hotel to anyone. Look at the mattress before you unpack. Beware of the uncovered ones.

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Stayed in an oceanfront suite 5 nights and on the 2nd night one of the girls noticed welts on her arm, legs and back. We first thought it was sand fleas from the beach. The next day we kept her off the beach and she still woke up with more bits. On the 4th night we figured out it was bed bugs and notified night shift and they moved us. The next morning the manager and worker came and inspected and said we were free of bugs. (Inspection in the middle of the day) We were mortified because the nigh

t before we did our own inspection and video taped the whole thing and found multiple bugs on the mattress. My friend had to go to Urgent Care and pay $160.00 to be treated. I did inform the day shift manager L***a and she said, "I didn't find any thing and I can't believe it". I showed her the proof in writing from the doctor and she offered no remorse. After giving us $5 in quarters and a half can of Lysol we were locked out of our room and told we had to leave. Our last day and evening was ruined. After returning home we all had to be treated and we had to burn all clothing and luggage to keep from infecting our homes. We lost thousands of dollars of personal items. Not so much as an apologize from the hotel or the staff. The girl who was affected the most was sent on this trip, by her doctor, to rest and get away from stress. She came back home with 200 plus bites and more stress than when she left. Me and the other girl had to be treated as well. Not so many bites on us but we do have them. Very traumatizing experience. We were made to feel dirty and liars. Treated very bad by the hotel mananger.

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Stayed there in April 2012 for 4 nights. Had an oceanfront efficiency. Everything seemed fine until late in my stay in noticed "welts" on my forearms and hands. Couldn't figure out what the cause was. I then thought, bedbugs? The last night of my stay, I slept on top of the matreess and in the middle of the night, got up, turned over the sheets and mattress and there they were, at least 4 or 5. Slept on the floor the rest of the night.

In the morning, I trapped 1 with a coffee cup for "e

vidence" and then checked out. Told management about it was told nobody has ever complained and that they would investigate and then contact me. They called a couple days later and they said their investigation was "inconclusive" but were refunding me my last night's stay anyway. I really didn't care about that. I just wanted them to fix the problem. I've stayed there a few times before but probably won't again. It's been about a month later and the bite marks are starting to disappear.

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