Hampton Inn Broadway at the Beach
1140 Celebrity Cir
Myrtle Beach, SC 29577-7465

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I was itching the middle of the night thinking I had an allergic reaction to seafood. Went to pharmacy to buy something and was told that the bumps look more bites. I bought the meds anyway and told the manager. He suggested I might be allergic to new pillows. I took the meds, switched beds, and turned on my other side. A couple of hours later I got up because the itching had spread. There were bites all over one side of my neck from my jaw line down my shoulder all the way to my hand. I went to

the manager and he gave me a new room. He again suggested I might be allergic to the pillow. I moved all of my things and changed clothes. Everything was covered except my hands, face, and ankles. My ankles were itching in the night. I refused to get up thinking I might just be paranoid and I needed to get just a little sleep. Alarm rang a couple of hours later. No new bumps up top, but ankles were now bitten. I checked out as soon as possible.
By the time I went down stairs, the manager was already handling the report with maintenance. The staff was vere very nice in trying to rectify the problem for me. I expressed my concern for the next guests. I don't want anyone to go through the horrible sleepless night that I did. I have stayed there many times and will likely do so again. From now on when traveling, I'll be prepared with my bed bug spray, lint roller, and magnifying glass. I'll also probably spray a couple if hours before bed time and sleep away from the headboard.

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My husband is a maintenance worker for another Hamton Inn and checks for bed bugs all the time. He woke up when he felt something biting him, and immediately checked the bed for bugs. He found numerous bugs, put them in a cup and showed them to management. They acted like it was not a big deal, but they did give us our money back.

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